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Pedregal Villas – Pedregal Cabo Rentals

Make your next stay in San Cabo one of luxury and style when you choose one of our Pedregal vacation rentals. These exclusive Pedregal Cabo San Lucas rentals are frequented by celebrities due to their sheer size, luxurious amenities, and incredible views of the Sea of Cortez. The Pedregal Villas are some of the newest vacation villas in the city, and are ready to host you and your group today. Luxurious amenities and incredible views are not all that are offered when you choose one of Sun Cabo’s luxury Pedregal rentals: here is what you will find with our Pedregal Villas.

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Spacious Pedregal Vacation Rentals

Our Pedregal vacation rentals are amazingly spacious, with all villas featuring four or more bedrooms that can comfortably sleep eight or more. These spacious Pedregal rentals are perfect for large groups or families, giving each guest plenty of room to relax in privacy. These luxury Pedregal Cabo San Lucas rentals also include gourmet kitchens where you can cook up a feast to celebrate your San Cabo stay. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide incredible views of the Sea of Cortez that makes for a spectacular view when the sun is setting. These modern homes are works of contemporary architectural beauty, with a chic interior décor and a layout that varies with each vacation villa. You and your group will never have experienced anything else like it.

Luxurious Amenities of Our Pedregal Rentals

You will experience luxurious amenities with our Pedregal Cabo rentals that will make your stay as comfortable as possible. You can expect custom travertine flooring, granite counter-tops, wood furnishings, and fine linens in each bedroom. Additional amenities include heated pools, gated communities, Jacuzzi, fire pits, media rooms, game rooms, fitness equipment, and more. The available Infiniti pools offer incredible ocean views, letting the beauty of San Cabo set in. You might find it difficult to leave all of these amazing amenities behind when you head out and explore the city.

Beach Adventures Near Our Pedregal Cabo San Lucas Rentals

Cabo is the perfect place to get adventurous and try new things. You only live once, and if you are going to step outside of your bubble, Cabo is the place for new, memorable experiences. While lounging on the beach is fun, there are a number of fun activities that will really get your adrenaline running. If you want to see Cabo from a different perspective, consider a zipline experience. Imagine yourself soaring hundreds of feet above the ground and looking down upon the tops of trees as you feel a warm breeze hit your skin. There are several companies that offer zipline adventures. Some even offer a moon zipping experience where you get to zipline by the light of a full moon! Some other elevating thrill-seeking experiences include bungee jumping as well as gondola rides. Many people enjoy the gondola rides because they offer the same aerial view of Cabo with a laid-back vibe. Just enter the gondola, sit back and enjoy the ride as the gondola takes you hundreds of miles above the ground. Gondolas are a great way to sightsee Cabo from a different perspective.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground during your stay in one of our Pedregal rentals, consider a ground adventure by foot, bike or even by animal. The Baja Buggy All Terrain Xrail Adventure is a great tour option if you would like to experience the different terrain of Cabo. From the desert and ocean to the mountains, this adventure will take you out of your comfort zone. The Electric Bike Adventure takes you on a journey through Cabo along dusty and sometimes bumpy trails. Once you’ve completed your adventure, you’ll enjoy an authentic Mexican meal of quesadillas with tequila margaritas. If an off-road adventure is more your style, book a UTV adventure. With the help of the UTV, you’ll get to explore mountains, beaches as well as canyon trails. Another exceptional way to explore Cabo is with the help of animals. There is the option of a horseback riding adventure that provides a guided tour of Cabo. Enjoy riding a horse alongside the coastline while learning about the terrain as well as the local culture. You can step it up and have the unique experience that is the Outback & Camel Safari. You’ll get to explore the desert portion of Cabo while riding a camel. You’ll hop on the camel’s hump and get a guided tour where you’ll learn about the Cabo desert and the Bajan California culture.

Book Your Stay in Our Pedregal Cabo Rentals

Make sure to contact one of our rental experts if you and your large group are looking to make the most of your San Cabo vacation. We can help you find the perfect Pedregal Cabo rentals in the Pedregal Villas area that provides spacious layouts, luxurious amenities, and incredible views of the Sea of Cortez. By choosing Sun Cabo you are entitled to complimentary services including airport transportation, free bottles of liquor and beer, pre-arrival planning, and personal 24/7-concierge service. Let us help you enjoy San Cabo in luxury!

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