About Cabo San Lucas

The tip of the Cape at San Lucas,
with the huge gray Friars standing up on the end, has behind the rocks a
little beach which is a small boy's dream of pirates...a place to which to bring the gold bars and jewels and beautiful ladies, all of which are invariably carried by the shipping of the world.

And this little beach must so have appealed to earlier men, for the names of pirates are still in the rock,
and the pirate ships did dart out of here and did come back.

- John Steinbeck, Log from the Sea of Cortez

Los Cabos Sits at Land's End

At the very tip of the Baja where the calm, crystalline waters of the Cortez meet the mighty blue Pacific. Intensely beautiful and naturally breathtaking, this magical paradise started out as a very small fishing community back in the early 1900s. Prior to this, Cabo San Lucas was a favorite stop for pirates - who would wait in the tranquil coves along the shore for unsuspecting trade ships to round the cape.

At the time of John Steinbeck's journey through the Cortez in 1940, Cabo San Lucas was still a small village dependent on the bounty of its surrounding waters. However, by the 1950s the area had become a popular playground for celebrities and other wealthy adventure-seekers. Everyone from Ernest Hemingway to Jean Harlow came to Los Cabos to experience its natural beauty and tranquility.

Reachable only by private plane or boat, Cabo remained an exclusive destination until the early 1970s - when the completion of Mexico 1 literally paved the way for floods of travelers. RVs, buses and family station wagons began journeying down this new highway towards the golden cape. With the construction of the international airport and expansion of the marina, planes and cruise ships introduced even more travelers to this unforgettable paradise. Meeting those travelers are some of the best luxury vacation home rentals Cabo San Lucas has to offer, available from Sun Cabo.

Today, Los Cabos Continues to Experience Rapid Growth

The on-going development of Cabo San Lucas, which has seen a rise in luxurious resorts, condominiums and private villas as well as the infrastructure to support this growth, is transforming Los Cabos into a modern tourist mecca. Browse our available rentals to see the best luxury vacation home rentals Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

The local gastronomie features everything from five-star restaurants to quaint taco spots; the vibrant night-life is shared by ultra-chic clubs, toes-in-the-sand beach bars and wild and crazy discos; and shopping options range from ubiquitous beach vendors to high-end luxury complexes. For maps be sure to visit our maps section.

The area offers unlimited action and adventure. The beautiful waters surrounding Los Cabos entice with epic waves for surfers, tropical fish and miles of coral reef for divers and snorkelers, as well as some of the best deep-sea action for avid sport fishers.

Thousands are drawn to the sunny cape every year just to play a round on some of the many world-class championship golf courses in the area. Others come to witness the magnificent grey whale migration during the winter months. There is also the magnetic pull of eco-tourism and popular activities like sailing, parasailing, windsurfing, hiking, sea kayaking... The possibilities are endless. To see pictures be sure to visit our gallery.

It is this dynamic atmosphere that has made Los Cabos such an exotic and appealing getaway. Enjoy the bustling ambiance of downtown San Lucas, or travel down the resort-studded Golden Corridor and discover the colonial charm of San Jose del Cabo. Explore the beautiful desert terrain of the Sierra de la Laguna foothills, or escape to the East Cape- where over 3,000 miles of pristine white sand and glistening azure surf offer paradise on earth.

It was a brilliant day, the water riffled and very blue, the sandy beaches of the shore shining with yellow intensity...Many people had come to Cape San Lucas, and many had described it.

We had read a number of accounts, and of course agreed with none of them.

- John Steinbeck, Log from the Sea of Cortez