Los Cabos



Welcome to Spa Montage Los Cabos, where majestic desert landscapes meet the turquoise blue Sea of Cortez. Inspired by the traditional Mexican folklore surrounding the Tree of Life, as well as the historic Torote tree that graces the entrance to the resort, this nurturing refuge offers a unique experience steeped in the beauty and healing powers of its incredible surroundings. It is here that a wonderful array of sensuous spa treatments, many inspired by the rhythms of the ocean, desert and local traditions, will soothe and renew.

Los Cabos


The signature Spa Montage is a tranquil 40,000 sq. ft. oasis for both mind and body. With both indoor and outdoor amenities, it features personalized wellness programs and authentic experiences inspired by the resort's serene natural setting. Take advantage of the steam room, movement studio, fitness center, and adult-only 25-meter lap pool.

In this unparalleled environment, you can partake in proven wellness and beauty treatments from around the globe. Splendidly appointed private changing rooms and sophisticated garden lounges - complete with steam rooms and jetted hot and cold plunge pools - will deepen your sense of blissful rejuvenation and allow for pleasurable pre and post treatment relaxation experiences.

Signature Treatments & Elements of Wellness

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Our experienced Spa Master Therapists undergo hundreds of hours of specialized education to create truly customized therapies that best suit your unique needs. Through careful consideration of your individual constitution, your Master Therapist will design a treatment that offers transformation, rejuvenation, and a stillness of mind.


60 min • $280 USD  | 90 min • $420 USD  | 120 min • $560 USD

Elevate your wellness to a new level by experiencing the best that spa science and ancient healing wisdom can offer. During this customized body balancing experience, a Montage Therapist selects from a global spectrum of spa therapies and practices to create a unique and comprehensive wellness journey for you. Working together with your therapist, a treatment ritual is developed to address your specific concerns and wellness goals, using the expert touch and training of our therapists to set you on a path of ultimate well-being and renewed vitality.

Yin & Yang The Elixir of Life

60 min • $280 USD

Good health is believed to come from a balance of Yin (negative) and Yang (positive). Awaken the senses with the selection of your dosha oil for this deeply relaxing yet uplifting experience. The treatment begins with energy balancing muscles stretching on the floor mat to bring all the body back into balance, followed by a calming bath of Tibetan single-bowl to connect with the elixir of life, your inner energy secrets of vibrant living.

Peace Within

90 min • $420 USD 120 min • $560 USD

Designed with care for Spa Montage, this transcendent journey brings forth essential Ayurvedic wisdom in one powerful and transformative treatment that provides balance, soothes and rejuvenates your body and mind, and brings you to a profound, deep relaxation – peace. This evocative ritual opens with a balancing aromatherapy essence and chime ritual. Your therapist further customizes your journey with a dosha-specific massage oil applied to your body's energy centers along the spine to create openness and flow. Your therapist then uses an Ayurvedic Kansa wand to massage along the spine to awaken the Chakras and this will be followed by a customizable full body massage that incorporates flowing Abhyanga moves. The therapist then focuses on your face and neck, using an Ayurvedic Kansa wand to soothe, tone and release stress from facial muscles, neck and shoulders. This ritual culminates with a traditional Shirodhara to bring deep rest to your nervous system. Finally, we gently awaken you from a deeply restful state with a gentle scalp massage and gentle chimes to bring you back to a state of restful consciousness.

Mango in the Heart

90 min • $420 USD

In the heart of Baja California Sur, Santiago town is recognized for the traditional "Feria del Mango", which reminds us of the sweetness of life. This signature pampering experience begins with a gentle salty fresh pulp of mango scrub following a natural and organic mango body wrap. A relaxing hair treatment is performed with Guatamote extract, endemic plant of the peninsula, and a cold mango mask complement that head-to-toe experience. Mango is removed with a Marine Sponge and an infusion of mango leaves, followed by a tropical coconut mango cream application to finalize your experience.

Bathing with the Whales

60 min • $280 USD

The whale's song is the most evocative and beautiful sound in the world. You will find yourself immersed in an authentic rebirth experience that invites you to flow seamlessly into your inner child. In Harmony with the whales' song, your therapist will use gentle movements designed to release blocked energy and promote a state of total relaxation. A unique signature experience.

Mezcal Renewal Massage

90 min • $420 USD

In all of Oaxaca, locals believe the Mezcal drink possesses curative powers and have devised a delightful proverb for it: "For everything bad, Mezcal renewal massage; and for everything good, too". Completely stress relieve, indulge yourself with this classical Mexican friega massage combined with locally made heated herbal poultices followed with full-body massage including Mezcal essential oils. For good measure, we will end your authentic experience with a taste of Mexico's nectar.

Massage Therapies

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Whether suffering from travel fatigue, work-induced stress, specific aches and pains or seeking new ways to unwind, our massage therapists will draw upon their extensive bodywork repertoire to provide relaxation and relief with their artful work in massage therapy.

Tropical Rain

90 min • $350 USD | 120 min • $465 USD

Our unique massage to rejuvenate your mind and balance your body. This breath-taking technique has been used for centuries and combines 10 essential oils to create the most powerful effect. Delight your senses and bring serenity into your life.

Therapeutic CBD Four Hands Massage

60 min • $445 USD

At first, you might find yourself trying to keep track of the therapists, where each one is and what each one is doing, struggling to keep it all in a very logical order in your head. However, very quickly your brain realizes it's not sure who is doing what and gives up control. Combined with the benefits of CBD products, this is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go during treatments.

Freedom-Thai Massage

90 min • $350 USD

This treatment incorporates ancient wisdom and techniques to improve your flexibility, mobility and sense of physical and emotional freedom. A therapist-assisted stretch with floor Thai massage uses isolated stretching combined with a focus on nerve pathways to promoting the release of chronic aches and pains. Please come prepared dressed in active attire.

Therapeutic Healing Stones

90 min • $350 USD

This therapeutic and relaxing experience is developed to address your specific concerns and wellness goals, using hot and cold stones combined with essential therapeutic oils to create a soothing, nurturing experience, deep release of tension and stress held in key areas of your body.


60 min • $220 USD | 90 min • $330 USD

Ancient civilizations discovered that through finger-applied pressure on specific points on the feet, many ailments could be relieved. Today, reflexology is extremely popular and celebrated for initiating self-healing and relaxation. Your entire body will benefit from an overall renewal of vital life-force energy.

Body Therapies

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

With a focus on your specific needs to achieve total body wellness, our luxurious body therapies combine ancient wisdom arts with modern-day experiences and are designed to provide transformation, rejuvenation and stillness of mind.

Crystal Flowers of the Sea

90 min • $385 USD

An agave fiber body brushing is followed by an exfoliation with the purest crystal sea salts, infused in fresh organic seaweed, acai and passionfruit. Dead skin is sloughed away and new cells are nourished and hydrated. Pomegranate mist boosts antioxidants and a soothing application of re-mineralizing balm replenishes moisture. A neck and shoulder massage leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Baja Desert Coccon

90 min • $385 USD 120 min • $510 USD

Desert sage, both purifying and euphoric, sets the tone for this detoxifying botanical wrap. An agave fiber body brushing stimulates the system while boosting collagen and elastin before a refreshingly uplifting polish with notes of lavender, basil and eucalyptus. An ultra-nourishing warm application of fresh muddled sage oil purifies and softens the skin in a healing cocoon. Neroli Scalp and neck massage knead tension away as your skin absorbs the nutrients. After luxurious hydration, you will leave feeling cleansed, hydrated, toned and soft.

Sun Worshipper Recovery

90 min • $385 USD

This full-body refreshment is designed for those who have overindulged in Los Cabos desert sun or who would simply like to prolong their Baja California tan. A hydrating body mask of lavender and aloe reduces redness and irritation. The face is treated with a refreshing Gigartina algae gel and cool massage globes to rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin and maintain your healthy glow. Enjoy a foot massage as you quench your body with essential nutrients and moisture.

Orange Blossom Exfoliation

60 min • $255 USD

Beginning with inhalation of our signature Orange Blossom Oil (made with red mandarin, lemon, sweet orange with a hint of vanilla), this nourishing and refreshing body scrub uses mineral row sugar crystals to reveal your skin radiance, leaving it vibrant and incredibly soft.

Facial Therapies - Valmont Facials

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

A true anti-aging expert for more than 30 years, Valmont has been perpetuating the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics and the legacy of the famous Valmont Clinic with treatments that offer instant and lasting results of unparalleled quality. True to the concept of cellulotherapy, Valmont delves into the very nucleus of the skin's cells with peerless anti-aging properties: Triple DNA and RNA. Each 90 minute and 120 minute Valmont beauty treatment features a signature collagen infused mask composed of pure medical grade collagen. Designed to strengthen and stimulate cells suffering from the effects of time or outside aggressions, the collagen infusion reveals sublime and youthfully radiant skin post treatment. If you require extractions, please consult with your esthetician.

The Masterpiece

120 min • $700 USD

Experience the ultimate in anti-aging perfection and cellular renewal. This exclusive treatment, designed specifically for Spa Montage, combines the power of a dual cleansing process with six masks including a complete collagen treatment for face, neck, décolleté and eyes. Furthermore, this elevated ritual provides brightening elements for it as well as re-sculpting and lifting the silhouette of the face. To enhance your experience, you will enjoy a hand and foot treatment during your treatment. You will have glowing, clarified and lifted skin.

Anti-Wrinkle and Firmness – Summit of Cervin

90 min • $420 USD

This intensive chrono-cellular lifting treatment addresses the loss of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles on the skin, and helps delay these visible signs of aging. The pure medical-grade collagen mask that plumps the facial tissue and redefines the contours of the face further amplifies the results of the lifting and sculpting facial massages.

Anti-Age UV Repair – Delicate Swiss Moment

60 min • $280 USD

This sun repair treatment soothes the fragile skin of the face and décolleté, repairs sun and wind damage, and deeply regenerates the skin. Whether you are sunbathing on the beach or skiing down the slopes, this treatment will erase the undesirable effects of UV rays on your skin. To enhance the healing process, this treatment includes a collagen mask for the face and neck.

Facial Therapies - Tata Harper

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Made for the uncompromising person who wants the best skincare in the world, Tata Harper blends the natural with high performance. Tata Harper's Complex Formulas are engineered with the highest possible number of innovative and precious ingredients, meticulously captured at their peak for maximum potency. The sublime result: unparalleled benefits for your skin.

Beyond Beauty Facial

120 min • $530 USD

This hydrating teatment fights the visible signs of aging and is the pinnacle of luxury. Inhale transformative aromas as you begin your journey with a purifying back treatment. You will then be treated to a targeted triple cleanse and exfoliation that leaves your skin with a radiant glow and a silky-smooth texture. Three luxurious masks are weaved throughout your facial to purify your skin, while you experience a beautifying hand and arm ritual, and soothing tea eye treatments. You will enjoy a uniquely relaxing and remodeling face massage and concludes this treatment with a luminescent Diamond Dust moisturizer that will leave you with soft, supple skin.

Ultimate Organic Facial

90 minutes • $400 USD

This complete treatment firms and lifts the skin using natural muscle-relaxing neuropeptides to instantly reduce wrinkles reinforce collagen and restore the skin's youthful cushion. Through remodeling face massage and high performing active ingredients, wrinkles are smoothed and reduced. The relaxing experience includes a luxurious Ageless Hand Treatment and smooth feet exfoliation.

Organic Facial

60 min • $265 USD

Intensify your results with a customized treatment mask to focus on hydration, firming, or purifying concerns. Completely treat the skin with concentrated formulas of high performing natural ingredients paired with specific techniques tailored to your skin's needs. Enjoy a nourishing and therapeutic face massage, leaving your skin with a healthy inner and outer radiance.

Gentlemen's Barber Facial

60 min • $265 USD

It's about gathering men who pay attention to their look, who believe that skincare is an integral part of a man's journey to defining his own style. This Fashionable Facial incorporates black pearl collagen masks especially targeted to keep male skin healthy and youthful. Customized to remedy problems related to daily shaving and environmental exposure, this comprehensive and relaxing treatment incorporates dynamic pore cleansing, specialty facial massage techniques, vibrational technology work, a scalp, neck and shoulder deep muscular massage.

Just for Couples

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Rekindle romance and enjoy some respite together. Our couple treatments are a wonderful way to reconnect and indulge as you take time to relax and unwind in our beautiful spa sanctuary.

Totally Two

180 min • $1,675 USD

Indulge yourselves with a day of decadence at Spa Montage. This ultimate experience is set in a private couples' sanctuary. We invite you to combine your choice of a 90-minute therapeutic massage with any of our ultra-indulgent 90-minute traditional facial therapies for a day of pampering.

Romantic Escape Massage

60 min • $445 USD 90 min • $665 USD

Soft aromas of rose and geranium seduce the senses to a state of repose and set the intention for a truly romantic couple's massage. Created for just the two of you, this tailored-massage allows you to enjoy quality time together during a side-by-side treatment as you relax and renew.

Twin Dolphin Couples Journey

90 min • $665 USD

Your journey starts with a specially designed side-by-side massage on the floor that will take you and your loved one to new heights of connections. From there, our spiritual guide will join you for a cleaning sage ceremony to purify, empower, and awaken your senses of connection by leading you through a breathing and mindful meditation ritual. Gratitude will be celebrated by presenting an offering to your partner.

Beach & Poolside Experiences

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Inspired by the Ayurvedic traditions of the Kansa Wand & Marma Points Massage, our vitality beach and poolside experiences were designed to improve energy flow to the entire body and calm your mind.

Exclusively designed to be enjoyed in the comfort of your poolside cabaña. This profoundly healing body and mind massage relieves muscle and mental fatigue, increases vitality and slows the signs of aging by softening and strengthening the skin.

Full Body Vitality

90 min • $365 USD

Feet First Vitality

60 min • $245 USD

Foot Vitality

30 min • $125 USD

Hands & Arms Vitality

30 min • $125 USD

Head Neck & Shoulders Vitality

30 min • $125 USD

Teen Spa Services

Prices inclusive of 16% tax. 15% service charge not included.

Spa Montage offers specially designed services for those ages 13 through 16 that may be enjoyed with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

Please note: a bathing suit is required for teen massage services; access to the Spa facilities or pool is not available for guests ages 13 through 16. A parent must be present for all services, including in the treatment room for massage and facial services.

Balancing Massage

60 min • $220 USD

This Swedish-style massage relieves tension and soothes tired muscles.

Balancing Facial

60 min • $235 USD

Nature's best ingredients replenish the skin for a healthy, clear complexion. A relaxing facial massage, gentle exfoliation and customized mask illuminates the skin.

Total Body Balance

90 min • $350 USD

The perfect fusion for an ultimate feeling, a relief massage and a facial combined for a total body experience.

Manicure and Pedicure

45 min • $75 USD 60 min • $105 USD

A soak, cleanse and massage are followed by a nail shaping and painting with a color of your choice.

Fitness Programs

Our wellness experts specialize in a variety of fitness techniques and are here to assist you with looking and feeling your best.

Spa Montage's extensive fitness facilities offer a healthy variety of cardiovascular and strength-training options, challenging exercise classes, postural assessment and advanced nutritional guidance. Our light-filled fitness center offers state-of-the-art equipment, while an adjoining movement and yoga studio is available for stretching, group classes, and individual wellness assessments, training, and counseling.

Our state-of-the-art fitness facilities include:

  • Cutting-edge cardiovascular equipment outfitted with individual media and IFit Life Fitness strength training equipment
  • Life Fitness free weight area
  • Outdoor lap pool
  • Mind/Body Movement Studio

When you reserve time for a treatment, complete the journey by utilizing our wellness program, the ideal complement to our holistic spa therapies.

Our resort offers an inventive array of experiences that move your inner and outer selves in concert with nature. Re-energize your workout regimen by selecting from our ever-evolving list of group fitness classes. Engage the mind with different philosophies and invigorate the spirit with movement and music from other cultures. Your body was made to move, so join in on the celebration!

Spa essential nutrition: Enjoy our healthy, specially designed Spa essential nutrition menu, our balanced and unique nutrition offer to complement your wellness journey.

Salon Services

Prices are listed in USD and include a 16% mandatory tax. 15% service charge not included.

Be transformed and refreshed in our luxurious beauty salon. Our highly skilled hair, makeup and nail experts will cater to your needs and provide the ultimate pampering and beauty experience.

Spa Montage Manicure & Pedicure Combo

105 min • $240

All the luxury of our Classic nail services with an added clay mask.

Spa Montage Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure 60 min • $140

Pedicure 90 min • $205

All the luxury of our Classic nail services with an added clay mask.

Gentlemen's Grooming Deluxe Manicure & Power Pedicure

Manicure 45 min • $105

Pedicure 60 min • $135

This classic manicure and pedicure includes nail trimming and shaping, a hydrating scrub, massage and buff. The perfect grooming to keep your nails looking their best.

Nail Service Add-ons

French-Polish 20 min • $25

French-Polish Change 30 min • $40

Gel Nail Removal 30 min • $30

Paraffin Treatment for Hands & Feet 30 min • $75

Paraffin Treatment for Hands or Feet 15 min • $35

Polish Change 15 min • $30

Precision Cuts & Styling

Gentlemen Haircut • $85

Ladies Haircut • $105

Shampoo Only • $60

Shampoo & Blowdry • $85

Curls Only • $50

Make Up

Day Make-Up Application • $95

Special Occasion Make-Up • $125

Bridal Trial • $125

Bridal Full Make-Up • $175

Flat-Ironing Only • $65

Special Occasion Style • $125

Bridal Trial Styling • $125

Bridal Up-Do • $125


A premium barber experience

La Barberia is a haven of masculinity within Spa Montage offering a premium barber experience. Relax in the bespoke barbers' chair for a haircut, head massage, shave or trim. Our experienced barbers are carefully hand-picked and will perform an in-depth consultation prior to your service for a high-quality barber service from start to finish. This inspirational new space is the modern man's grooming salon.


*All haircuts include a complimentary beverage and require at least 4 hours advance notice.