Top 5 Under the Radar Cabo Attractions

Everyone knows that Cabo San Lucas is a huge tourist destination that offers incredible views and plenty of exciting activities to keep you busy. Many of these activities are hot tourist attractions that are often crowded. Cabo also features other attractions that are less frequented and fly under the radar. Just because these places may be less traveled does not mean they are not worth a visit. Check out these top five under the radar Cabo attractions:

Chileno Beach

Cabo San Lucas features several different beaches with gorgeous views and plenty of activities to have fun with. The most popular beaches among locals often include Playa del Amor and Playa del Medano; one of these beaches features a quiet hideaway where loved ones can relax, while the other features a lively beach complete with local restaurants and bars along with exciting activities. Chileno Beach falls right in between with the vibe and availability of exciting activities. This less traveled beach is known as the perfect snorkeling spot, as the water is shallower than other areas. What makes Chileno Beach stand out is that it does not have any local bars or restaurants. Instead, you will be surrounded by quiet atmosphere as you soak in the sun. Getting to Chileno Beach requires a little bit of a drive, making it one of the top under the radar spots here in Cabo.

Todos Santos

If you are looking to escape the business of Cabo San Lucas for a quick afternoon, look no further than Todos Santos. This lovely village is on the other side of the Baja Peninsula and can easily be reached with a rental car. Todos Santos is known for its charming colonial style buildings and authentic Mexican cuisine. The beaches are often quiet and avoid of any large crowds that large attractions in Cabo are known for. This “Pueblo Magico” or Magic Town is known to be the ideal destination for those looking to relax, possibly try out surfing, and dine in on some delicious food.

Mt. Solmar

When someone vacations to Cabo San Lucas, they are often drawn to the beautiful beaches that frequent the area. We cannot blame them, as we believe our beaches are some of the finest in the entire country! However, all of the attention local beaches get often hides other Cabo San Lucas attractions in the area that are just as deserving of the attention. This includes Mt. Solmar, a local peak that provides various hiking trails and views. This mountain peak is not your standard hiking trail found back in the states; instead of a paved path, you will be navigating many rocky obstacles which can be challenging for those unfamiliar with hiking harder trails. Trekking up the mountain can be difficult but rewards those who complete the challenge with some of the finest views of Cabo San Lucas. Local tour guides are able to help you navigate the mountain and get you up to the top. Regardless of how you do it, hiking up Mt. Solmar is one of our favorite under the radar activities in Cabo San Lucas.

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

Another under the radar attraction that can be found nearby Cabo San Lucas is the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. This national park is approximately 60 miles outside of Cabo but more than makes up for longer drive. This national park is home to just one of the three remaining reefs here in North America. If you thought snorkeling off the beaches in Cabo San Lucas was incredible, wait until you see the underwater life here at Cabo Pulmo. The park features several secluded beaches where you may not see a single person. The local village of Cabo Pulmo is nearby and has several different restaurants to feed you whenever you get hungry. Locals recommend bringing a wetsuit if you plan on snorkeling, as the water can get cold.

Playa Migrino

As mentioned, many of the locals and visitors of Cabo San Lucas often find themselves distracted by our beautiful beaches and aquatic activities. Cabo also features plenty of land-based fun too when heading over to Playa Migrino. Here you will find plenty of desert landscape and sand dunes to enjoy an ATV on. Playa Migrino can be found on the stretch between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, making it easy to get to. There are several local ATV agencies who will rent out their top gear and even provide guided tours of the dunes. Do not miss out on this favorite under the radar activity of ours in Cabo San Lucas!

Enjoy Lesser-Known Cabo San Lucas Attractions & More

Each of these under the radar Cabo attractions are waiting for your next adventure to the area. Book one of our vacation villas today for a luxurious stay like no other.