Top 5 Spots for Gorgeous Cabo Views

It is no secret that Cabo San Lucas is one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Baja California. Our tourist destination features many exciting tourist hot spots along with under the radar activities that only locals tend to know about. Regardless of which type of attraction you visit, you will be able to find some incredible views seen nowhere else. These views can be seen from just off the coast with rocky formations coming out of the water, or you can be swimming under the sea, seeing majestic creatures up close. 

Take a look at the top five spots where you can find gorgeous Cabo views:

Mt. Solmar

When it comes to finding incredible Cabo views, you will often find that it is easier the higher up in elevation you go. Mt. Solmar, one of Cabo’s under the radar attractions, is the perfect place to get a 360-degree view of all of Cabo. This local peak is not for the faint of heart, as it can be a challenging hike. The terrain includes many rocky obstacles you will have to navigate over or around. Once you have accepted the challenge, you will be awarded with incredible views up at the top. Hire a local guide who can help you navigate easier pathways along the mountain for an even better time.

Local Restaurants and Bars

Sometimes the best views can easily be obtained by dining at a local restaurant that offers seaside views. Since Cabo San Lucas is situated right on the Sea of Cortez, there are many different restaurants in the area that offer delightful views. If you are looking for casual food with handcrafted ales and great views, look no further than Baja Brewing Company. This local brewery is located just off the coast in the bay and has a laid-back ambience. For beachside drinks, The Office is nearby the local port, so you can look out at cruise ships and shipping vessels taking off into the blue horizon. Hang out in a relaxing atmosphere such as these two establishments that provide some of the best views in Cabo.

Zip Lining Adventures

Another favorite view of ours here in Cabo is during the middle of a thrilling zip line tour through the air. Cabo features several different zip line courses that will have you high up in the area, zipping down line courses at 35 miles per hour. You will have incredible views of the entire area which can include the coast or more forested areas. Local zip line agencies you can choose from include Cabo Adventures and Wild Canyon Adventures. Each experience is just as thrilling as the last and includes some of the finest sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas.

Under the Water

There are plenty of incredible views to have up and around Cabo San Lucas. One of the most beautiful views you can get, however, is those just under the surface of the ocean. Cabo is known for its beautiful beaches that offer incredible snorkeling opportunities. Swim out into coves that recommend snorkeling so you can see all of the fish swimming around. The unique opportunities only increase the further out you go. Cabo has several whale watching expeditions that will head out into the deeper waters. If you have ever wanted to swim with whale sharks, your Cabo vacation will be your chance, as these friendly creatures swim around just below the water’s surface. We guarantee you will not see underwater views such as these anywhere else!

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

When it comes to our favorite spot for sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas, there is nothing better than The Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Also known as El Arco, this local spot is Cabo’s most famous landmark, and it is easy to see why. The Arch gets its name from the rocky formations that elevate out of the water, appearing as rocky peaks. One of these has a huge arch that you are able to paddle through the middle of. The Arch also has several different smaller caves carved into the exterior of the rocky formations. When you research activities to do in Cabo San Lucas, you will probably see multiple pictures of The Arch. We highly recommend visiting this local attraction and seeing the magical views that only The Arch can provide.

More Incredible Sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas

There is no bad view when you visit Cabo for another exciting adventure. Our beautiful city is best seen from these top five viewpoints but is always a great time. Get ready for your next stay by reserving a vacation villa here in the area. You will have access to luxury amenities like no other, giving you the proper Cabo San Lucas treatment!