Top 5 Wildfife Watching Places to See in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas might be known for its beautiful beachside views and lively city, but there is much more to the area that many may not think about. Cabo is located right off the Sea of Cortez that provides the region with life. Visitors are able to take a step back during their stay and spend a relaxing afternoon getting to know the incredible wildlife that calls this region home. You can find a variety of wildlife watching places to see in Los Cabos during your stay that will show you these incredible creatures up close. Most of these spots feature wildlife tours where a private charter will take you off into the water. 

Take a look at the top 5 wildlife places to see in Cabo San Lucas:

San Jose Estuary

Some of the most populous wildlife critters in the Cabo San Lucas area are birds. You will be amazed by the number of different birds that call the area home and are flying around out in the open. For the best bird sightings, there is nothing better than the San Jose Sanctuary. This protected sanctuary is home to many different species of birds including desert falcons, hummingbirds, and herons. Some of the birds can be seen diving deep into the water looking for their prey while others may be grazing on nearby flowers. If you are into spending some time outdoors, then a visit to the San Jose Sanctuary is perfect for you.

Sea Turtle Release

Cabo San Lucas is the home of millions of sea turtles each year that make their way up the beaches to nest. After some time in incubation, all of the eggs will hatch, and the sea turtle babies will slowly make their way down the sand to enter the water for a whole new life. If that sounds like your kind of wildlife watching experience, you need to book a turtle release adventure. You'll visit a nursey camp right here in Baja California where you can help these incredible creatures get to the water. Guests on the journey will even be able to name and “adopt” at turtle. This conservation experience is only available during the months of late August through the beginning of December.

Land’s End

When you are preparing for your trip to Cabo San Lucas, you probably will take a look online to see what is available in the area for landmarks. The first image that will pop up is that of Land’s End, an iconic attraction that juts right out of the sea. This natural arch is a sight to behold and is truly one of a kind. Getting out to Land’s End is easy, as most local charters have private rides out to the area; while guests can technically ride out there on their own, it is not recommended due to the rocky nature of the area. Once you see Land’s End in person, you will hear the sounds of local sea lions who call the spot home. These majestic creatures can be seen laying out on the rocks soaking up the sun. There are several different varieties of seals that can be found in Cabo so check out Land’s End to see them in person. This is probably one of the best places to see in Los Cabos!

Sea of Cortez – Whale Watching

As the previous items on this list have shown, Cabo San Lucas is a paradise for animals of all shapes and sizes. Deep in the Sea of Cortez, humpback and grey whales make their way to the area every year between the months of December to April. These majestic creatures often breach the water’s surface to get air and will be a sight to behold. Trust no one but Cabo Sails to take you out onto the water and see these whales for yourself. Each charter is an exciting journey on the water that practically guarantees a chance to see the whales in person. The company shows how much it cares for these animals as they educate you on their journeys in the water during each voyage.

Sea of Cortez – Underwater Scuba Diving

Just as you can see the animals on the water’s surface, you can see even more below the water with a scuba diving trip with Cabo Adventures. This local company will take you out to the rich areas of the Sea of Cortez where you can see animals such as dolphins and sea turtles swimming around peacefully. Additional animals that may be in the water include whales and sea lions. You have never experienced anything quite like the underwater kingdom of the Sea of Cortez. 

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