Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar

Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar in Punta Ballena is a fusion of Spanish and Japanese cuisine. By providing a unique dining experience that offers an eclectic menu, Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar will not disappoint. Even the name of the restaurant Toro has dual meanings in both Spanish and Japanese. It means “bull” in Spanish and “tuna belly” in Japanese. So, you can expect to enjoy Latin cuisine with a touch of Japanese. The cuisine here is definitely for those that are interested in experiencing a different twist on Latin food.

When Fusion Works

There are times when fusion cuisine simply works, and Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar is an example of how true this is. Executive chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval, often described as the father of modern Mexican cuisine, created the concept of Toro. At Toro, the focus on Pan-Latin cuisine where Japanese, Chinese and South American influences create the menu.

Choose Your Dining Experience at Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar

At Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar, one of the top restaurants in Cabo, diners choose their dining experience. You can opt for the private dining experience that includes a view of the extensive wine collection. There is also the semi-private dining experience in the restaurant or outside in garden. The garden dining is an interesting dining experience as it is also where many of the fresh ingredients for the meals are grown and sourced. The location of Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar is prime for whale sightings which is why the restaurant has a patio where diners can enjoy ocean views while eating.

The Eats

At Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar, the menu is eclectic with something for everyone. Diners can choose from grilled entrees, the ceviche bar and small plates. There are also extensive beverage offerings that include both Latin wines and cocktails. Serving both lunch and dinner daily, the menu is filled with Mexican cuisine with a twist that entices the taste buds. In addition to an eclectic menu, all the menu items are made with sustain-ably produced food ensuring that diners receive only the freshest and the best.

When it comes to trying something new, Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar offers you the opportunity to enjoy Mexican cuisine with a touch of something different. If you are seeking a restaurant that offers a varied menu, casual yet sophisticated environment and lunch and dinner dining options, Toro Latin Kitchen & Bar is an excellent choice.

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