Tucked away within a lush palm grove, Acre is more than just a restaurant; it's a celebration of sustainable dining and nature. With a clear emphasis on organic, local produce, every meal at Acre offers a genuine taste of Baja's agricultural richness.

Flavors, Fares, and Fashion
  • Cuisine Type: Farm-to-Table & Baja-Inspired
  • Price Point: $$$ - Upscale Dining
  • Dress Code: Tropical Chic - Comfort meets style

Features & Highlights

  • Organic Farm Setting: Experience dining amidst flourishing crops and gardens.
  • Ever-changing Menu: Seasonal ingredients dictate a dynamic culinary repertoire.
  • Artisanal Cocktails: Crafted with farm-fresh ingredients and a touch of Baja flair.

Farm-to-Table Magic Amidst Cabo's Palm Groves

Acre's essence revolves around authenticity. Whether it's the vegetables freshly plucked from their on-site garden or the handcrafted cocktails infused with native herbs, the commitment to genuine, fresh flavors is palpable. Every bite, every sip is a tribute to the land and the hands that nurture it.

The ambiance at Acre strikes a harmonious balance between rustic and refined. The soft glow of string lights, the gentle rustling of palm leaves, and the sound of nature provide a backdrop that's both enchanting and soothing.

For a closer look at their current menu, details about special events, or to be part of a true farm-to-table experience, visit Acre's official website.

Given Acre's unique offering and its reputation as a top dining spot in Cabo, we recommend making reservations well in advance.