Funky Geisha

In the heart of Cabo, an unexpected fusion takes center stage at Funky Geisha. This dining enclave melds the vibrant flavors of Asia with the zest of Mexican flair, creating a culinary spectacle that's both daring and delightful.

Flavors, Fares, and Fashion

  • Cuisine Type: Asian-Mexican Fusion
  • Price Point: $$$ - Upscale Dining Experience
  • Dress Code: Trendy Casual - Embrace the chic and vibrant vibes of Funky Geisha.

Features & Highlights

  • Sushi Tacos: Taste the innovative fusion of sushi and tacos, a signature delight of the house.
  • Beachfront: Elevate your dining experience by soaking in panoramic views of Medano Beach.
  • Crafted Cocktails: Indulge in libations that mirror the restaurant's unique culinary blend.

Where Cabo Meets the Orient

Funky Geisha isn't just about food—it's about a culinary adventure. The boldness of Asian spices, the warmth of Mexican preparations, and the freshness of local produce converge on plates that are both visually and gastronomically enchanting. The ambient lighting, contemporary art pieces, and upbeat music set the tone for an evening that's lively and modern.

Be it the tangy ceviches with a hint of lemongrass, the robust mole with hints of teriyaki, or the innovative desserts that surprise with every bite, Funky Geisha promises a feast for the senses.

To discover their full menu, upcoming events, or to book a spot in their sought-after rooftop lounge, visit Funky Geisha's official website.

Given the restaurant's avant-garde approach and its popularity among the trendsetters of Cabo, we recommend making a reservation to ensure your spot in this fusion fiesta.