Sunset Da Mona Lisa

When it comes to an exceptional dining experience in Cabo San Lucas, Sunset Da Mona Lisa always comes through. This seafood and Italian restaurant is special for number of reasons. From its location to the manner in which the food is prepared, Sunset Da Mona Lisa has made a name for itself by offering great food in an amazing environment. If you are looking for a consummate dining experience, Sunset Da Mona Lisa comes highly recommended.

Special Location for Special Food

Sunset Da Mona Lisa is world-famous and one of the best restaurants in Los Cabos. Located at the tip up the Bay of Cabo San Lucas, diners get to experience amazing views of the ocean as well as the famous Arch. The restaurant itself is a major landmark for the city of Cabo San Lucas, and many people come to the restaurant just to have the opportunity to say that they dined there.

Great Menu & Unique Dining at Sunset de Mona Lisa

With a young, passionate Italian chef on hand, Sunset Da Mona Lisa has a menu created with some of the freshest local seafood and ingredients. Diners have the assurance that their food is freshly made. From homemade pasta to fresh bread baked each evening to the locally caught fish and seafood paired with fresh locally-sourced vegetables, these are just a few examples of the quality menu offerings at Sunset Da Mona Lisa. Sunset Da Mona Lisa even offers a unique dining experience known as the Lava Rock Grill Selections where diners get to grill their own food over a super-hot lava rock at their tables! To draw the courses together, each dish is paired with a recommended wine to complete the meal.

Ambiance Matters at Sunset Da Mona Lisa

One of the major selling points of dining at Sunset Da Mona Lisa is the ambiance. Diners have three distinct dining options which includes al fresco dining on the terrace. There is also dining available under a palm-thatched roof also known as a palapa that is surrounded by glass walls to combat the breezes from the sea. There is also an air-conditioned salon as a dining option. At Sunset Da Mona Lisa, the goal is to provide a memorable dining experience from the food to the ambiance. From the success and popularity of Sunset Da Mona Lisa, it looks like they are doing an amazing job.

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