Patagonia Restaurant

You can find a variety of delicious cuisine right here in Los Cabos. Everything from Asian to authentic Mexican food can be found at local restaurants. One popular favorite year after year is Patagonia Restaurant, an authentic Argentinian restaurant here in Cabo. Similar to other Argentina themed restaurants you can find a selection of prime cuts of steak and much more. The friendly service will make it seem like a fine dining meal but with a comfortable interior. Expect to find servers who are fluent in English to make your ordering even easier. Take a look at what is on the menu:

Prime Steakhouse

Argentinian cuisine is often associated with incredible cuts of steak that are frequently sliced right at your table. At Patagonia Restaurant, you can find plenty of incredible meats that are slow-cooked to perfection. Authentic family recipes are used to cook up these incredible entrees for an experience like no other. Delicious cuts of steak including ribeye and filets are grilled to perfection and served on hearty meat platters brought right to your table. Ordering at Patagonia Cabo restaurant is extremely easy; most of these meat platters are family-sized and can easily serve up to four people at once. Delicious sides such as vegetables are also roasted to perfection and added to the platters.

Pair Your Meal with Wine

All meat lovers know that steak is made even better when paired with rich red wine. The staff at Patagonia Cabo restaurant understand exactly this and will be on hand to help you with your order. Bottle service means that will servers will come around and help top off glasses of wine during your meal. You will never find a more relaxed and enjoyable dining experience when you look forward to Patagonia Restaurant.

Finding Patagonia Restaurant

You can enjoy all of this when you stop by Patagonia Restaurant located at Calle Cabo San Lucas, 5 de Mayo Esq, Lienzo Charro, 23450. The restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM for dinner.

More to Eat in Cabo

Los Cabos features a variety of incredible restaurants that are absolutely unique. Your stay in our luxury vacation rentals will help make your stay in Cabo one to never forget. You can be just steps away from the beach or located near downtown where you have access to everything that makes Cabo so special.