El Matador San Jose del Cabo

Get ready to enjoy Mexican Fusion cuisine at El Matador. As one of the best places to eat in San Jose del Cabo, El Matador offers a combination of fusion Mexican cuisine and warm inviting atmosphere and a unique background that makes the dining experience delightful. There's something for everyone on the menu, and you and your guests are sure to enjoy the unique Mediterranean Mexican Fusion dishes served up at El Matador.

The Backstory

El Matador in San Jose del Cabo is a unique restaurant because of its conception. Owned by restaurateur Pablo Velez, El Matador is a vision manifested from a variety of interests. Velez combined his love of food with his passion for both art and a love of bullfighting to create a restaurant that is warm, bright and lively. This liveliness is experienced throughout the dining experience with the food serving as a delectable mainstay to the entire El Matador experience.

Great Food

There are good reasons why El Matador in San Jose del Cabo has been praised as one of the best restaurants in San Jose del Cabo for more than 10 years. Chef and owner Pedro Belize aims to personalize all of his dishes with a special Mediterranean Mexican Fusion that diners won't forget. The goal is to create dishes that are flavorful yet uncomplicated so that diners can thoroughly enjoy and experience the flavors of the dishes. From sea bass and rack of lamb to chile relleno, the myriad of unique flavors is sure to please the palate. In addition to the amazing food, there's a beautiful bar that serves up a wide assortment of wines from California and Mexico as well as a quality inventory of tequilas.

Great Atmosphere

What really makes El Matador unique is its atmosphere. Because of its location, many would consider this a destination restaurant. Individuals travel from miles around to experience the unique menu as well as the atmosphere of El Matador. With an environment that includes carefully picked pieces of art along the walls, amazing food, great service as well as a hands-on restaurateur with a lively personality that makes the El Matador what it is, this is a dining experience not to miss.

The beautiful Spanish accents, the full bar as well as the open-air patio are quite inviting for anyone that is seeking a unique dining experience that features fusion Mexican cuisine in an inviting atmosphere. Stop in at one of the best places to eat in San Jose del Cabo on your next vacation!

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