Cocina Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas

Cocina Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas offers one of the most breathtakingly beautiful dining experiences in Cabo San Lucas. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Cocina Del Mar lives up to its name serving wonderful, decadent dishes using fresh fish and seafood from the sea. The combination of the wonderful menu as well as the amazing view while dining is all the more reason why Cocina Del Mar is a must have dining experience in Cabo.

Cuisine of the Sea

Get ready to enjoy delicious, expertly prepared dishes using the freshest seafood and fish from the Pacific Ocean. From the grilled grouper and octopus to the fettuccine lobster, Cocina Del Mar offers a menu that is sure to delight seafood lovers. In fact, patrons even have the opportunity to enjoy the local favorite, the totoaba, which is a large fish that is only found in the Sea of Cortez specially prepared by Chef Cortez.

A View of the Ocean

Cocina Del Mar offers one of the most stunning dining views from any of the good restaurants in Cabo. Overlooking the private beaches of Cabo, you’ll enjoy sipping on wine and cocktails while enjoying the view of the Pacific and the warm ocean-side breeze. There are two dining options. Patrons can enjoy sitting in the main dining room which is located under a covered thatched-roof palapa. There is also the option to dining at a table on the cliffs where you can feel the spray of the water as the waves crash against the shore.

A Premier Dining Experience at Cocina Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas

Cocina Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas offers a dining experience that goes beyond the actual dining room. There is a bar and lounge that is beautifully lit with lanterns offering an intimate place to enjoy a before-dinner cocktail or glass of wine and intimate conversation. There is an exhibition kitchen that brings the magic and energy of the kitchen outdoors for the diners to experience. Diners can socialize with each other while also engaging with the chefs that prepare their meals.

Cocina Del Mar offers an exemplary dining experience. With the fresh caught fish and seafood, stunning setting overlooking the Sea of Cortez as well as the intimate bar that encourages diners to relax and socialize while enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail, it is no wonder that Cocina Del Mar is considered one of the most romantic, intimate places to dine in Cabo. The only place more romantic are of the luxury villas offered by Sun Cabo; click here to book your stay!

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