Plan A Luxurious Winter Visit to Palmilla Beach

When looking for the perfect winter destination this year look no further than Cabos San Lucas. Our tropical climate makes it the perfect spot to relax with warm temperatures and sunny skies. Our vacation rentals in the area including those in Palmilla are magnificent properties that are second to none. These luxury vacation villas feature tons of space with luxury amenities and can be just steps away from the beach. You will be nearby plenty of exciting attractions, shops, and restaurants making for an incredible three-day weekend. A winter visit to Palmilla could look this during the winter season:

Day 1 In Palmilla

The first day of your trip to Palmilla should be seeing the incredible sights around the greater Cabo San Lucas area. There is not a more popular natural attraction in the area than the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Spend the first part of your day by exploring this distinctive rock formation with a boat charter to and from it. Additional options with local charters also include paddleboarding or snorkeling around the area. The Arch is a gathering place for many of the local sea lions. Make sure to bring your camera phone as the views from here are truly outstanding. Guests can also get to the Arch by land but is a rigorous climb over rocks. End your first day in Palmilla with dinner at a popular restaurant, Nick-san Palmilla. This restaurant features a fusion of Mexican and Japanese cuisine. You will find sushi rolls that blend both cuisines for a delicious meal. Make sure to show up early as the restaurant is popular for both locals and tourists.

Day 2

For your second day in Palmilla get off to the wild side with a thrilling adventure with Monster Zip Lines. This local zip line company features a variety of zip line courses that take you high up into the tree tops for fun and excitement. You will be given all of the safety gear and shown how to traverse the lines with ease. Individuals of all ages can join in on the adventure including children. Monster Zip Lines also features giant water slides that will help cool you off after your tree top adventure. Even with it being the summer season you will find the water to be more than manageable. You can easily spend most of your day with the time passing without realizing it. Make sure to head out to another incredible restaurant for dinner during your second day in Palmilla. Black Fish is a local restaurant in Palmilla that is known for its incredible shrimp tacos and ceviche among other seafood entrees. Black Fish uses freshly caught seafood from the Sea of Cortez for a truly decadent meal. There is no better way to end your day than with delicious food made right from the area!

Day 3

Now that you have had an adventurous time here in the area you may be ready for some peace and relaxation for your final day in Palmilla. Grab a cup of your favorite espresso beverage with a quick trip into The Cabo Coffee Company. You will find delicious coffee beverages that will help keep you fueled throughout the day. Once you are caffeinated you might be ready for a relaxing time on the local golf course. Palmilla Beach Golf Club is the local golf resort with beautiful courses. You can still comfortably play any time of the day during the winter season. Expect to find courses that have green fairways and hug the coast of the Sea of Cortez. Play a full round of 18-hole golf with these luxury courses.

While you are enjoying the golf course the family can be relaxing at one of the local beaches. Palmilla Beach is a great pick to enjoy everything from sunbathing to swimming in the water. This beach is protected by a cove making the water calm enough to swim in listed areas. If you are feeling adventurous, book a snorkeling adventure in the area to see all of the incredible wildlife under the water.

For your final meal in town make it a fine dining experience at Agua. This local restaurant features a fusion of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine such as seared seafood and more. The outdoor dining areas are perfect in the winter with the fire pits lit for a romantic evening. You can enjoy your meal here for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

More Fun in Palmilla This Winter

As you can see, there is plenty of ways to enjoy a quick three-day visit to Palmilla Beach. This is just one of many different ways you can enjoy our  luxury vacation villas in Palmilla. Call today to have your next reservation booked for winter.