Top 5 Late-Night Hangout Spots

There is plenty to see during the day around Cabo San Lucas. If you have picked our beautiful vacation city for your upcoming vacation getaway, you have probably seen pictures of all the incredible beaches. While Cabo has so much to do during the day, it also has just as much excitement offered at the late-night hangout spots. Cabo San Lucas features a combination of lively bars and night clubs where you can enjoy countless hours of entertainment. Take a look at the top 5 Cabo nightlife spots that will offer you a great time:

Cabo Wabo Cantina

When you come visit Cabo San Lucas, you need to visit several places that locals frequently enjoy. One of these locations is Cabo Wabo Cantina, a local bar that is known for all kinds of fun and excitement. Visitors can stop in during the daylight hours and find a restaurant that offers a variety of Mexican and American cuisine. Live music is frequently playing, and the outdoor patio is open. At night, Cabo Wabo Cantina offers a more club-like atmosphere where the music is turned up and the drinks start flowing. The bar selection includes your standard fare of draft beer and classic cocktails. Cabo Wabo Cantina is popular with both the locals and visitors, so you can always expect a busy night regardless of when you visit.

Flip Flops Cantina

If you would like to visit a Cabo nightlife spot that is popular with the locals, look no further than Flip Flops Cantina. This local bar is known for having their fair share of regulars but will welcome you with open arms. The venue also features your favorite cocktails made by hand and a variety of domestic American and Mexican beers. Live music is always on the schedule, along with karaoke, where you can sing your own heart out. Unlike other spots on this list that are open during the daylight hours, Flip Flops Cantina does not open until 5:00 PM every day. While there is no main selection of food on the menu, you can order plenty of snacks that will help you get through the evening. Once you stop in Flip Flops Cantina, you will feel like family!

Fahrenheit Cape Bar

Some nights in Cabo you want to stay out late, and then there are some nights when you want to stay out really late. Most bars in Cabo are open until 2:00 AM, just like most cities in the US. If you want to stick around after the bar closes up shop for some late-night food, look no further than Fahrenheit Cape Bar. This local bar is the perfect place for a casual night out with friends. When you visit during normal bar hours, the place is lively with locals who take advantage of the weekly specials. There is plenty of beer on tap and in bottles. The cocktails are always made by hand and to order. The bar is a little quieter than most, so you can actually enjoy a good conversation over a board game or two. The menu features plenty of delicious American cuisine such as pizza and burgers. If none of that convinces you to stick around, the friendly staff will, as they always provide excellent service.

Crush Nightspot

The previous spots on this list so far have all been lively bars that are open late at night. Not all lively venues are just bars, as you will find there are plenty of night clubs ready to host you and your friends here in Cabo. If you enjoy rap and hip hop music, Crush Nightspot is your top club here in the city. This lively venue features live DJs and dancing all night long. Simply show up for general admission or reserve a table for bottle service. Staff is always attentive and will even personalize your experience here at the club. Crush Nightspot is open daily from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM for late-night fun here in Cabo. This is definitely one of the best spots for nightlife in Cabo San Lucas

Legendario Bar & Social Club

For the ultimate cocktail lounge experience, you cannot go wrong with a stop in Legendario Bar & Social Club. This local lounge is on the smaller side but makes up for it with incredible mixologist drinks and a delicious food menu that includes sushi and much more. Late nights at Legendario Bar & Social Club turn up the dancing for an incredible time that is available only in Cabo. Legendario Bar & Social Club is also open early at 1:00 PM each day in case you want to start the fun early.

More Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas

This is the perfect time to get out and explore the wonderful late-night experiences in Cabo. Book your stay! with Sun Cabo today and prepare for a trip like nothing before. Click here now to learn more about us!