Why Visit Cabo in Winter?

If you have been doing your research prior to booking a stay in Cabo San Lucas, you may have noticed that area is known for its warm season activities. It is no secret that Cabo San Lucas is a favorite for many spring and summer vacation getaways. The sun is always shining, and it provides the perfect excuse to travel out of the country while the kids are on break from school. However, the summer season is not the only time you have to visit Cabo San Lucas. All of the other times of year, including winter, are as just as exciting. Take a look at what a Cabo San Lucas winter getaway can look like for you and why you should visit:

Avoid the Summer Crowds

After the past year and a half, we have all become more wary of big crowds. When you visit Cabo San Lucas during the summer season, you will be visiting during peak season. This is the time of year where most of the travelers make their way to Cabo San Lucas. This also means that local restaurants will have longer wait times for reservations and charters and tours may be booked up in advanced for the times you are visiting. When you travel to Cabo in winter, you will find there are far fewer crowds and people around. This means finding the perfect date night reservation can be done the day before. Booking charters will provide you with even more room to enjoy what you are exploring. This alone makes it a great time of year to see Cabo San Lucas for the first or tenth time.

Save on Overall Costs

Another great aspect that you can have when traveling in the winter season is by saving on overall costs. Since the Cabo San Lucas winter season sees less travelers, you will notice that many activities will be discounted. This can include popular tours and charters in the area that will take you out on the water to see dolphins or whales. There is plenty to see in Cabo San Lucas so saving on costs whenever possible is highly recommended. The same can also go for your vacation rentals. Since these properties are not rented out as frequently in the winter season you may notice a drop in price. They will be the same incredible vacation rentals but at a friendly discount that will be sure to love.

Popular Winter Activities

Many individuals make their way to Cabo San Lucas during any time of year for outdoor activities. Baja California features a very mild winter season with temperatures often in the high 60s during the day and the water in the low 70s. This means you can enjoy all of the incredible outdoor activities you have come to love during this “colder” time of year.

Head out onto the water for a thrilling whale watching experience. These majestic creatures often swim close to the shores during the months of October through April making them easier to spot. Some whale watching encounters will take you out on rafts to get as close as possible to them while being safe. Others can have you jumping into the water and swimming with whale sharks for a truly memorable experience. You will not forget seeing these incredible animals breaching the shore or gently gliding through the water.

You can also have just as much fun above the water out on land. The cooler temperatures can have you staying out in the desert for longer with activities such as ATV racing. Drive around these outdoor vehicles to navigate all of the dunes. You can also explore the shoreline or dunes with a unique camel tour. Ride on top of these incredible animals for an experience not many places have to offer. You will get a rush of adrenaline when you book a zipline tour with one of the many companies in the area. Head out to the mountains where ziplines will have you zipping through at breathtaking speeds. The views from up above are absolutely incredible.

Winter Festivals

Cabo San Lucas also has a variety of winter events that will make your stay even more unforgettable. Typical events that take place in the winter each year often include the Christmas Nautical Festival located at the Marina San Lucas. This festival brings out all kinds of winter traditions along with holiday lights.

More to See and Do in Cabo in Winter

As you can see, wintertime is just as great of time of year to visit as the summer. Prepare for your stay by reserving one of our vacation rentals. True luxury awaits you; contact us today!