Cerritos Beach

Nestled along the captivating Pacific coastline of Los Cabos, Mexico, Cerritos Beach (Playa Los Cerritos) stands as a surfer's paradise and a haven for beachgoers seeking a perfect blend of natural beauty and thrilling waves. With its golden sands, picturesque rock formations, and consistent swells, Cerritos Beach offers an idyllic retreat for surf enthusiasts, families, and sun-seekers alike. Whether you're catching a wave on the pristine waters, exploring the rugged landscape, or simply relaxing under the warm sun, Cerritos Beach promises an unforgettable coastal experience.

Finding Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Beach is located in the Pacific Coast region of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico. To find this spectacular beach, head to the following address:

How to Access Cerritos Beach

Accessing the breathtaking Cerritos Beach is convenient and offers several options for visitors:

  1. By Car: The most common way to access Cerritos Beach is by car. From the Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo areas, take the main highway, Highway 19, towards Todos Santos. After approximately 45 minutes, you'll see signs for Cerritos Beach. Turn off the highway and follow the signs leading to the beach.
  2. Public Transportation: For those who prefer public transportation, you can opt for a taxi, or Uber from Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo to Todos Santos. Ask the driver to drop you off at the Cerritos Beach access point, where you can easily walk to the beach.
  3. Private Transportation: For enhanced comfort and convenience, Sun Cabo private transportation services are available. Enjoy a personalized journey as you travel to the captivating Cerritos Beach.

Activities at Cerritos Beach

Cerritos Beach offers an array of activities to suit various preferences and interests:

  1. Surfing and Bodyboarding: With its consistent and gentle waves, Cerritos Beach is a surfer's haven suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers.
  2. Swimming and Sunbathing: The gentle slopes of the sandy shore and calm waters make Cerritos Beach ideal for swimming and relaxing under the sun. Families can enjoy safe and enjoyable beach days with children.
  3. Beachfront Dining and Relaxation: Cerritos Beach boasts beachfront restaurants and bars where you can savor delicious local cuisine while relishing the stunning ocean views. Lounge in beach chairs and palapas for a comfortable and relaxing day at the beach.
  4. Whale Watching (Seasonal): From December to April, witness the majestic humpback whales during their annual migration.

Drifting into Beachfront Bliss

Cerritos Beach in Los Cabos is a captivating destination that entices surfers, families, and beach lovers with its natural beauty and thrilling waves. Easily accessible by car, private or public transportation, this idyllic beach invites visitors to embrace the surf culture, relax under the sun, and create cherished memories amidst the Pacific Coast's breathtaking scenery. Whether you're catching a wave, enjoying beachfront dining, or witnessing the majesty of migrating whales, Cerritos Beach promises an unforgettable coastal haven for all who seek a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation in the heart of Los Cabos.