Sun Cabo Chefs

Chef Pablo Cadelli

With fourteen years of experience in the culinary arts in both Europe and Mexico, Chef Pablo Cadelli is perfect for anyone looking to bring a friendly yet professional touch to all your gourmet dining needs. Born in Argentina, which is famous for its steaks, Chef Pablo’s filet mignon is a dish that every steak connoisseur should experience. He studied culinary arts for three years in Argentina before continuing his studies in Spain. His extensive experience includes preparing meals for catering, private events, and groups staying in villas.

Chef Pablo, who constantly comes up with new ideas for his delicious creations by reading books, watching cooking shows, and following the latest trends online, loves to cook and eat Mediterranean cuisine. In particular, he enjoys cooking any kind of seafood dish because the catches in Cabo are always fresh and of the highest quality. If he is preparing your breakfast, make sure you don’t miss out on his amazing French toast!

Chef Daniel Sanchez

Truly a chef who has done it all, Chef Daniel Sanchez started cooking at a young age by learning at home and in his family’s restaurant. He has been a chef for twenty years and has worked at some of the top restaurants and hotels in Mexico and the Fiji Islands. His love for cooking stems from his ability to express himself through his culinary creations and create happiness in others.

Chef Daniel, who loves to eat all types of Mexican cuisine but can also create various kinds of internationally-inspired dishes, cites chicken curry as his favorite food to cook.
Inspired by his time in the Fiji Islands, he is a master of creating spicy yet savory dishes that will light up your palate. He constantly keeps up to date with all the latest techniques in the culinary world by visiting markets and street vendors all over the world, as well as watching cooking programs and sharing ideas with other chefs.

Chef Emmanuel De Castro

Chef Emmanuel De Castro was born in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi in North-Central Mexico. This diverse state shares borders with eight other Mexican states, all of which contribute to the eclectic array of local culinary influences. Chef Manny received his education here and had over fifteen years of experience working as a chef de cuisine at various restaurants before branching out on his own as a private chef.

Chef Manny loves international cuisine with a special interest in French, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Vietnamese and, of course, Mexican. He is also a master at creating vegetarian, vegan, or special dietary-restricted menus.

Manny's specialty is grilling. He is excellent at grilling a broad variety of meats, seafood, and vegetables. He loves to create nutritionally balanced, healthy meals with an emphasis on organic ingredients.

Chef Manny: "Since I was a small child I loved to cook and had the greatest first teacher anyone could hope for – my Abuela (Grandmother). From her I learned passion and the simple desire to provide the best culinary experience to my guests each and every time."

Chef Lisandro Silva

Chef Lisandro Silva was born, raised and educated in Mexico City – the gastronomic center of Mexico. From a very young age, he spent his time in the kitchen with his Mother and Grandmother. This curiosity and the recipes they passed down to him turned into an intense passion for cooking and become his way of life. Chef Lisandro has two Masters Degrees – one in Gastronomy and one in Business Administration as well as over 15 years of experience working in many amazing restaurants. In his kitchen you will find French techniques, international influences and always a Mexican touch.

Chef Lisandro:
"I use only the very best local ingredients to make sure my dishes are vibrant and authentic. I actively seek inspiration in traveling, music, cinema, and reading. I am very attentive to the latest news and trends in the gastronomic world which make my kitchen a constantly evolving creative place."

His tasting menu is an authentic and unique experience – a perfectly paced and portioned six-course menu.

Services, Rates and Fees

Chef Services

Pricing is for service only. The chef will shop daily for the freshest ingredients. Service includes the chef preparing the meal in the privacy of your villa, serving you and cleaning up.

The cost of the groceries to prepare the meals will be charged separately.

An estimate of the expenses of your groceries will be determined based on the size of your group and the number of meals you are requesting. We will charge you a grocery deposit along with a shopping fee of 15% and provide the money to the chef. Should you exceed this amount, further charges will be made to your credit card on file. A copy of all receipts is available to you upon request.

ELITE CHEF/CHEF Differentiation. Our Elite Chefs are comparable to any 5 star Chef that you would encounter at any 5 star restaurant like Auga or Seared at the One & Only. They prepare all sauces and dishes from scratch, source the very freshest ingredients from their many connections around the city, are adept at many different cuisine types, have excellent presentation skills, and are true “Artistes” within the culinary world.

Our Chefs are also very good and are comparable to most of the other “Cabo Chefs” you will find online. They are very handy on the BBQ and will happily grill your fresh caught fish for you. If you just need some fresh fruit, eggs and bacon for breakfast - then this is a perfect choice for your group.

Elite Chef Prices 1 - 4 Persons 5 - 9 Persons Additional Persons
Breakfast Only $115.00 $140.00 $15.00/Person
Lunch Only $115.00 $140.00 $15.00/Person
Dinner Only $180.00 $222.00 $24.00/Person
Breakfast/Lunch $192.00 $228.00 $25.00/Person
Breakfast/Dinner $264.00 $312.00 $34.00/Person
Lunch/Dinner $264.00 $312.00 $34.00/Person
Full Service (3 meals) $348.00 $408.00 $42.00/Person

*children under 6 no charge
*children between the ages of 6 and 12 are ½ price (ie: 2 children = 1 adult)

Chef Prices 1 - 4 Persons 5 - 9 Persons Additional Persons
Breakfast Only $70.00 $85.00 $9.00/Person
Lunch Only $70.00 $85.00 $9.00/Person
Dinner Only $115.00 $135.00 $15.00/Person
Breakfast/Lunch $120.00 $160.00 $15.00/Person
Breakfast/Dinner $165.00 $195.00 $21.00/Person
Lunch/Dinner $165.00 $195.00 $21.00/Person
Full Service $210.00 $250.00 $27.00/Person

*children under 6 no charge
*children between the ages of 6 and 12 are ½ price (ie: 2 children = 1 adult)

Menu suggestions available on request.