Palmilla Vacation Rentals

If you want to experience luxury at its finest in Los Cabos, look no further than Palmilla. Palmilla is considered the most spectacular of all destinations in Los Cabos. This location covers over 1000 acres, where some of the most beautiful homes, golf courses, and amazing views of the Sea of Cortez reside. In one of Sun Cabo's regularly cleaned Palmilla vacation rentals, you are likely to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, and even if you don’t, you can expect to be treated like royalty.

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Vacation in Luxury in Palmilla Vacation Rentals

An exciting vacation experience is in the cards when you plan a trip to the gorgeous Los Cabos. Enjoy spectacular views of a pristine ocean while relaxing on the sandy beaches. There are so many fun activities and adventures on the list that can ensure a fun-filled vacation in every way. It is one of the best destinations for a trip with your loved ones. By choosing our Palmilla vacation rental as your accommodation, you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. We can offer spacious houses with some of the best amenities in town. Get ready for a luxurious and comfortable vacation that has the right amounts of convenience, style, fun, and adventure.

When it comes to Palmilla, there are numerous opportunities to vacation in luxury. Sun Cabo helps travelers select the best vacation rentals in the area. Sometimes you just want a more personable lodging experience: this is one reason why vacation rentals are highly coveted. The Palmilla vacation rentals offered by Sun Cabo allow you to feel at home while you are vacationing. You get all the amenities that you would in your home and even more! No downsizing. No making do with merely adequate lodging. With a private luxury vacation rental, you state what you want, and Sun Cabo finds the properties in Palmilla that meet your requirements while being more isolated than in a hotel rental.

There is no doubt about the significance of an accommodation when it comes to a trip. It can easily make or break your vacation experience. If you choose an ideal choice that can prove convenient for everyone in the group, you can look forward to spending a great time. It is possible in any of our Palmilla vacation rentals where we have plenty amenities and facilities. From an open floor concept to large living and dining areas, fully equipped kitchen to stylish bedrooms, we can offer it all. Besides, you can step out of the house and spend fun times in the swimming pool, fitness center, and heated tub. A great vacation also requires some great food. If you are excited to recreate the magic of delicious meals like back home, you can work your way into the fully functional kitchen. Here you can find a gourmet kitchen with cabinets, countertop, and appliances. Find everything from a microwave to espresso machine, dishwasher to refrigerator, and a wine fridge to cooking range in the kitchen.

Vacationing the Way You Desire

Lodging is a big part of the vacation experience. If you are going to vacation in Palmilla, why not experience luxury? At Sun Cabo, we locate the Palmilla vacation rentals that are everything that you could imagine or desire. Do you want a fire pit? We can find it. Do you want to be able to enjoy Palmilla with full privacy? We can locate a private villa to suit your needs. Are you a golf enthusiast that wants easy access to the beautiful golf courses in Palmilla? Sun Cabo has you covered. Let us know which amenities you desire, and we will locate private rentals for you.

When you pick any vacation rental, you must pay attention to the list of amenities. If the rental property makes you feel at home, you can follow your daily routine without any hindrances. It can also make it easy to spend more time in outdoor adventures. For example, we offer free Wi-Fi in all the rooms so you can complete your work and also connect with your contacts on social media. With features like ceiling fans and air conditioner, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature within the house. The gas fireplace can act as the perfect meeting spot to gather around with your loved ones where you can also capture some fantastic photographs. While the indoor area is comfortable and spacious, the outdoor area is much more fun with opportunities for plenty of fun activities. With amenities like an infinity pool, jacuzzi, fire pit, and four deck loungers, you can make excellent memories outside.

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Exploring Palmilla

Sometimes vacation rentals are selected based on location to prime attractions. In Palmilla, golf enthusiasts will love the expansive Jack Nicklaus Signature Palmilla Golf Course. The One & Only Palmilla is worth a visit to enjoy the 5-star cuisine and possibly to rub shoulders with those that prefer the finer things that life has to offer. As if you could possibly forget, a visit to the Sea of Cortez is a must.

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Cabo for the Luxurious

Palmilla is where people come to vacation in luxury. This part of Cabo is pretty exclusive. This community was a master plan created with the thought of bringing an exceptional living and vacation experience to Cabo. Sitting on 1,000 acres, Palmilla is considered to be the secret hideaway of the elite. People come here expecting nothing less than the best. This part of Cabo has always had a history of attracting the rich and famous via the popular Palmilla Hotel. Today, the hotel still stands and is flanked by the opulence of the Palmilla Resort.

When you choose to vacation in Palmilla, you are choosing the best of the best in Cabo. You’ll enjoy access to beautiful villas that are located right on the beach. You’ll be surrounded by lavish gated communities that are concealed aesthetically with carefully placed greenery to ensure optimum privacy. You’ll have access to the best restaurants such as Agua by Larbi, Ceviche, and Seared, which is located in the well-known One&Only Palmilla Hotel. You’ll enjoy access to high-end shopping at The Shoppes at Palmilla where you can shop for your favorite brands while enjoying art galleries, a cafe and pizza bar, and a number of specialty boutiques. You can also shop at the high-end luxury mall known as Luxury Avenue. Here you can shop for top-of-the-line luxury brands such as Cartier and Salvatore Ferragamo. To vacation in Palmilla is to enjoy top-of-the-line luxury made for those that truly appreciate the finer things in life. The saying goes in Palmilla that everyone that visits is treated as the elite.

Golfing in Palmilla

While there are a number of stellar golf courses throughout Cabo, in true Palmilla fashion, the golfing experience is taken to a new level. The Palmilla Golf Course is 27-holes of beautifully manicured green with one of the most spectacular ocean views in Cabo. In fact, this golf course offers views of the Sea of Cortez from all 27 holes! This golf course has rightfully earned its designation as the "Grand Dame of Los Cabos golf." This golf course combines absolutely stunning design and construction with strategic difficulty making it a highly sought-after golfing experience. In addition to the stunning golf course, there is a clubhouse featuring Mexican decor as well as an on-site golf shop with well-trained staff to assist with your golfing needs.

Besides the adventures like water sports, golfing, shopping, and sight-seeing, you can spend some relaxed moments on the beach. The stunning beach at Cabo San Lucas is ready to offer a relaxing and cool ambiance for a peaceful experience. You can spend some quality time while admiring the waves and watching the sunset or sunrise. It is also a popular spot for surfing.

If you are seeking the ultimate in luxury Palmilla vacation rentals for your trip, let Sun Cabo assist you. We are experienced in helping people arrange the luxury vacation rentals that they desire. Set up your Palmilla luxury vacation rental by contacting us directly at 1-800-710-CABO today! We also offer weekly, monthly, and long term rentals for those looking for an extended stay in Cabo San Lucas!

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