Cabo Luxury Homes at Costa Brava

The sun, the water, and the beach. These are the things that make vacationing in Costa Brava well worth it. Cabo has a lot to offer in terms of a stellar vacationing experience. When you choose to vacation in Costa Brava, you are choosing the best of the best. Sun Cabo can help you pick one of our Cabo luxury homes so that you can get onto the business of basking in the beautiful Los Cabos sunshine and relaxing on the beach.

Costa Brava

In San Cabo, there are certain areas that are known for their prestigious, upscale vibe, and Costa Brava definitely fits the bill. This is an upscale, gated community that offers both privacy and access to all the amazing restaurants and activities that are found on the ever popular Corridor. When you think of Costa Brava, imagine beautiful, expansive villas that have a direct view of the Sea of Cortez from several angles in the home. Think of luxury Los Cabos vacation home rentals surrounded by palm trees. Costa Brava is the Cabo for those seeking luxury at their fingertips and all the wonders of Cabo from the nightlife to nature close at hand.

Choosing One of Our Cabo Luxury Homes in Costa Brava

When it comes to vacationing in Cabo, Costa Brava offers an upscale, private, gated community feel to the vacationing experience. These are the private villas that sit away from direct access. These are the luxury homes that offer all the amenities that you would desire for you own home and the luxuries that you expect from a vacation rental. As an elite vacation rental provider, Sun Cabo works closely with clients to pair them with the vacation rental that will offer them a stellar vacationing experience. The vacation rentals in Costa Brava boast such amenities as pools and jacuzzies, modern furniture with the latest in technology throughout the home, grills for outside cooking and much more. To get the vacation rental in Costa Brava that you desire, it is important to know which features and amenities work best for you. With our many years of vacation rental expertise, we can help you find the Costa Brava vacation rental that is just right for you.

Costa Brava Comfort

The area known as the Costa Brava is located in the Tourist Corridor almost exactly in the middle between the resort destination cities of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. This location makes it the ideal spot to stay if you plan on visiting both towns often. Costa Brava is also one of the only places along the Tourist Corridor in which there are large stretches of sandy beaches as opposed to the craggy, rock-filled beaches along the coastline. Costa Brava also has its own character to the luxury homes and resorts which encompass the small seaside enclave. So when the time comes to hit the beach, find a place under a shady palapa and enjoy a cold beverage.

Excursions from Costa Brava

Additionally, Costa Brava’s collection of luxury homes provide guests with the perfect starting point to enjoy attractions such as Land’s End, Cabo’s famous arch as well as the accompanying Lover’s Beach. If you seek more refined entertainment, San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas have many interesting art galleries scattered around town. The Frank Arnold Gallery in San Jose del Cabo features contemporary art and sculpture in a modern minimalist design space while the Hector Estrada Gallery highlights modern art as well, although this time in Cabo.

Cabo Wabo

Since vacation almost always involves a festive atmosphere no matter where you go, Cabo San Lucas is an idyllic spot to enjoy an adult beverage or two. One of the most legendary spots to have a beer (maybe tequila) is the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Owned by former Van Halen front-man Sammy Hagar, the bar is a bit kitschy, however most of the tequila selections and the cocktails made from them are excellent. Also, the knowledgeable barkeeps are willing to teach you about the nuances between the different tequila styles—añejo, reposado and blanco.

Further Festivities

El Squid Roe is another lively bar/nightclub which features three floors and several bars within a massive barn-like structure. If you are in search of the perfect margarita, the Monkey Cave Bar makes one that is not only potent, but well mixed with just the right amount of balanced ingredients. The Mango Deck is located on popular Medano Beach, and the two-for-one happy hour all day, every day is an attraction in its own right. Whatever event, activity, restaurant or bar you choose, our luxurious Los Cabos vacation home rentals in Costa Brava will provide you with the perfect address to enjoy anything you want in Los Cabos.

Sun Cabo -The Best Choice

Sun Cabo offer stellar vacation rental services. We go above and beyond to ensure that are customers are comfortable and happy with their Los Cabos vacation home rentals. Customers continue to use us because they know that when they book a vacation rental with Sun Cabo, they will get only the best. If you are seeking an exceptional vacation rental experience, allow Sun Cabo to assist you with finding the best Costa Brava property. To learn about local beaches and to book your rental, contact us today.