Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations. Our area has incredible sights and wonderful attractions that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for your entire trip. There are several top tourist attractions in Cabo that must be seen at least once during your stay. These attractions continue to attract thousands of visitors each year. Take a look at what we consider the top five Cabo San Lucas tourist attractions and why you should see them:

Cabo San Lucas Golf Courses

One of the many reasons why visitors return year after year to Cabo San Lucas is its incredible weather that offers wonderful golfing conditions. The local courses are always a tourist highlight and features some of the most beautiful fairways you have ever seen. One of the more popular options includes Palmilla Golf Club. You will be impressed with the varied terrain each course features along with the beautiful scenery of the ocean. There is just something else about golfing at a destination such as Cabo.

Playa El Medano

If you are looking for a thrilling day at the beach, look no further than Playa El Medano. This local hot spot is the place where everyone goes to hang out by the water and enjoy a variety of activities. Locals can be seen enjoying the sunshine with outdoor activities such as beach volleyball, boogie boarding, kayaking, and even parasailing. Head out into the water to enjoy some snorkeling and take a look at the life below the surface. This beach is the perfect spot to swim around in the ocean as other beaches may have rougher tides. When you are hungry, head to one of the many local restaurants or bars and unwind.

Sea of Cortez – Whale Watching

One of the top tourist spots here in Cabo is the very sea you will be looking out at. The Sea of Cortez is frequented each year by majestic whales that will migrate through the area. Whale watching has become an extremely popular activity here in Cabo and is best done when visiting between December and April. Visitors during this early spring season may even be able to catch a glance at a baby whale swimming just below the water’s surface. Cabo has a variety of different whale watching companies to choose from. Each tour will provide incredible knowledge on the whales’ migration and take you to the best spots to catch a glimpse. Don’t miss out on one of the top tourist attractions in Cabo!

Playa del Amor

Cabo San Lucas features a variety of incredible beaches that we are sure you will spend plenty of time at. One of the most serene and picture worthy beaches to stop by is Playa del Amor, also known as Lover’s Beach. This tourist hot spot is situated right in front of Land’s End (which we will get to shortly). Playa del Amor has one of the most famous stretches of coastline here in the entire city. You can access the beach just south of downtown and is also accessible by water taxis. Playa del Amor is the perfect spot to hit up when you want to sunbath or enjoy the company of a loved one. It is recommended that visitors do not swim in the ocean as the tides can be rough. The incredible view of blue water will win you over when visiting Playa del Amor.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is found just off the coast of the Sea of Cortez. The miles upon miles of coastline offer incredible beaches and some truly magnificent landmarks jetting out of the water. The unique rock formations of the area continue to marvel locals and visitors alike, especially at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. This distinctive hot spot is a rugged rock formation that formed inside the Baja Peninsula. The Arch is also known to locals as Land’s End, and appropriately so; the rocky arch is surrounded by other rocky enclosures and is one of a kind. Getting to the Arch can only be done by guided tours that will take you safely around the formations or by navigating yourself with a kayak or standup paddleboard. Make sure to bring your camera as the photos taken at the Arch are what dreams are made of. The Arch is the top tourist hot spot, so don’t miss out on visiting this natural marvel here in Cabo.

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Each of these wonderful Cabo San Lucas tourist attractions can only be found here. Take advantage of your next getaway and make sure you stop by these attractions. Our luxury vacation villas will keep you close to all of the fun when you book a stay with us.