Places to Eat in Cabo: Tenangos

Come experience authentic Mexican cuisine while learning more about Mexican history at Tenangos, one of the most popular places to eat in Cabo. If you are the type that truly enjoys trying new dishes and you don’t mind taking your taste buds on a walk on the wild side, Tenangos is a must visit. You’ll enjoy an array of traditional Mexican dishes served up in a warm atmosphere accented with traditional Mexican tapestries and art.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

At Tenangos, you’ll enjoy true Mexican food from delicious quesadillas to mole poblano. In addition to these Mexican mainstays, Tenanagos is known for preparing food that is reminiscent of down home, Mexican comfort food…straight from abuela’s kitchen. The chiles en nogada is a big hit as well as the ceviche made with octopus, shrimp and fish. For meat lovers, steaks are made to order with mole and tamarind sauces. Don’t forget to end the meal at this local favorite place to eat in Cabo San Lucas with one of the many flavorful desserts such as the chocolate cake with mole or the mango cheesecake.

Unique Cuisine

Tenangos is also known for its more adventurous cuisine. Ancient foods that sustained Aztec warriors were made with protein-rich insects, and Tenangos brings these recipes to life for both locals and visitors to enjoy. Give the scorpion quesadillas a taste or try the guacamole with grasshoppers as an appetizer. These unique dishes are plated with fresh, organic vegetables purchased from the local market to ensure optimum freshness. If you are seeking a dining experience that you are sure to remember, Tenangos is a must.

A Wonderful Atmosphere at this Place to Eat in Cabo

Atmosphere is important when choosing a place to eat in Cabo San Lucas, and Tenangos comes through with an authentic Mexican vibe. The wall and tables are accented with embroidery known as Tenanco. The dining area is bright and welcoming with beautiful accents of warm, bright colors. At Tenangos, the little details matter. Upon completion of a dining experience, the check is presented in a hand-crafted, decorated wooden box. The entire atmosphere of the restaurant is centered on authentic Mexican wares—except for the authentic Cuban cigars, which patrons are welcome to partake in before or after the dining experience.

If you are seeking an authentic Mexican dining experience that offers both classic Mexican comfort foods as well as unique dishes, Tenangos is a well-known place to eat in Cabo worth trying for an interesting culinary experience. Make sure to stop by when you are staying in a scenic, beautiful vacation villa from Sun Cabo; book your stay here.

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