La Lupita Taco & Mezcal

La Lupita Taco & Mezcal is where taco lovers go in San Cabo. Centrally located downtown, once you get a taste of these tacos, you’ll understand why the lines are literally out the doors each night! What makes La Lupita special is that they just don’t make tacos to satisfy the palettes of travelers. Even the locals are willing to spend a little more to enjoy the specially crafted taco creations from La Lupita. If you are a taco lover, a visit to La Lupita in San Jose del Cabo is a must!

Tacos Done Right

Tacos are a pretty big deal throughout Mexico, and it takes a lot to really leave a mark on a popular cultural food. La Lupita Taco & Mezcal has managed to do so with its unique spin on a Mexican staple and favorite. Enjoying tacos at La Lupita is in fact a gourmet experience. While you may think that the taco offerings are adorned with special ingredients, they are not. In fact, the tacos are pretty much standard fare for the most part. What La Lupita offers is a taco prepared with love. Diners get all the classic tacos from al pastor to barbacoa prepared in a manner that sets them apart from other tacos in the area.

A Bit of Something Different

If you are looking to expand your taco dining experience, consider trying one of the classic tacos with an “interesting” topping. While mezcal is a common taco topping, you can also opt for roasted chile-flavored grasshoppers. Paired with some blue corn chips and guacamole, this special topping is an interesting addition to traditional tacos.

The Perfect Vibe

La Lupita is the perfect place to dine after a night out on the town. What better way to quell a rumbling belly than with a few tacos and a local craft beer? The environment is warm, inviting and chic. Not too casual or too fancy. Dining on the patio is an experience in itself. Imagine sitting outside among warm lights with the smell of sizzling tortillas filling the air. A live band keeps you delightfully entertained as you enjoy a cold beer. This is the La Lupita dining experience.

A trip to Mexico is not complete without enjoying authentic tacos. Head on over to La Lupita in San Jose del Cabo to experience tacos that have both visitors as well as locals craving more. This eatery is quite popular, so be prepared to stand line for a bit. It is definitely well-worth it. You won’t want to pass up the opportunity as La Lupita Taco & Mezcal offers some of the best tacos in downtown San José del Cabo.

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