La Forchetta in San Jose del Cabo

If you are craving Italian while vacationing in San Jose del Cabo, La Forchetta is sure to please your palette. The name of the restaurant means “fork,” which is appropriate for the numerous delectable dishes that you’ll enjoy while dining here. Here you’ll get solid Italian food with a bit of something extra that makes it one of the top restaurants in San Jose del Cabo. Many of the classic dishes are enhanced with a little spice which provides a nice edge to a classic Italian meal.

Solid Italian Dining

It’s always nice to be able to enjoy a good Italian meal while traveling. La Forchetta brings Italy to San Jose del Cabo with a number of classic Italian entrees and desserts. Start off your meal with the three-chile pizza or the grilled octopus. Move on to a main course that includes bolognese, alfredo or carbonara. The baby lamb chops in port wine sauce are a favorite. La Forchetta has made a name for itself because of its delicious risotto and home-made ravioli. The raviolis are a definite treat as they are offered with several fillings such as classic meat, lamb, lobster or roasted corn and jalapeno peppers.

A Fusion of Flavors

La Forchetta offers a menu that is a perfect example flavor fusion. As an Italian restaurant, La Forchetta sets itself apart from the rest by adding a bit of the local Mexican flavors to classic Italian meals. Some examples to this fusion of flavors includes the ravioli made with the corn and roasted jalapenos, tuna carpaccio made with avocados and chile oil as well as the addition of habanero peppers to several classic Italian dishes. While it may seem odd to go for Italian food while vacationing in Mexico, La Forchetta in San Jose del Cabo puts all those concerns to rest. Yes, the menu is classic Italian fare, but the addition of ingredients found Mexican cuisine makes dining at La Forchetta an unique Italian dining experience.

A Special Dining Experience

La Forchetta offers an exceptional dining experience in San Jose del Cabo. Its convenient location to the resorts makes it a great option for dinner. You’ll enjoy the beautiful exposed brick wall as you enter the restaurant. Once seated, the classic ambiance of La Forchetta offers a delightful dining environment for your meal. There is also the option of dining on the patio among lighted palm trees. The staff here are exceptionally helpful and willing to offer suggestions for your meal. All of this makes La Forchetta one of the top restaurants in San Jose del Cabo. Whether you opt for an oven-fired pizza, the seafood diavola spaghetti or the delectable chocolate shell bowl, you will enjoy your Italian dining experience courtesy of La Forchetta in San Jose del Cabo.

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