La Dolce in San Jose del Cabo

If you have a taste for Italian food while vacationing in San Jose del Cabo, consider checking out La Dolce. La Dolce offers a menu of home-made dishes with the classic flavors of northern Italy. From starters to desserts, there is something on the menu that is sure to please everyone. The warm, inviting atmosphere and the personable hospitality of the waitstaff and owners makes La Dolce in San Jose del Cabo an enjoyable place for Italian dining.

Northern Italy Meets San Jose del Cabo

Sometimes you just want some good Italian food no matter where you are! Fortunately, La Dolce offers the Italian dining experience in San Jose del Cabo. The La Dolce San Jose del Cabo menu features a number of favorites such as the fettuccini a la romana or the frutti di mare. Go all out and enjoy a four-course meal. Start off with a classic Italian minestrone soup and a delicious appetizer such as focaccia, caprese salad or beef or fish carpaccio. For the main course, choose between your choice of several pasta dishes such as linguine with pesto or calamari or fettuccine with shrimp and asparagus or one of several meat or seafood entrees such as the beef tenderloin with gorgonzola and mushroom sauce or the fish and shrimp combination prepared in a white wine sauce. The meal is completed with a decadent Italian desert such as tiramisu, flan or gelato offered in a flavor of the month.

Personable Service

The hospitality and genuine attentiveness to each diner is what makes La Dolce exceptional. The owners, Stefano Miotto & Juan Calderoni, are often found assisting diners with selecting the best Italian dishes for their palette. Overall, the staff is warm and welcoming encouraging diners to relax and enjoy a good Italian meal. The personable dining experience is a classic Italian touch where food creates a bonding experience.

Classic Italian Décor

La Dolce brings the feel of northern Italy to San Jose del Cabo. The interior features brick walls and a classic brick oven for firing up those delicious, authentic Italian pizzas. The iron lanterns throughout the restaurant offer a lovely, warm glow for intimate meal anytime of the day. The exposed wooden beams are beautiful and the wall featuring a vine with grapes is reminiscent of the wide assortment of wines offered at the quaint yet well-stocked bar.

Come in to La Dolce in San Jose del Cabo for an authentic northern Italian dining experience. The food is delicious and plentiful, the service is exceptional, and the environment is inviting. These are all things that you would expect from an authentic Italian restaurant, and La Dolce offers it all right in San Jose del Cabo.

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