Flora’s Field Kitchen San Jose del Cabo

Field Kitchen is amazing farm-to-table restaurant located on Flora Farms near San Jose del Cabo in Sierra de la Laguna. This restaurant is one of the main attractions at Flora Farms. Here you get to experience a wide assortment of delicious, organic flavorful dishes prepared from the bounty of the local farm.

Pioneers of Farm-to-Table

Flora’s Field Kitchen near San Jose del Cabo is considered one of the pioneers of farm to table dining in the region. Starting almost a decade ago, Field Kitchen is a restaurant centered around creating awesome, authentic meals with naturally sourced ingredients. Being surrounded by Flora Farms makes this even easier because each menu item is made with the ingredients from the local farm. All of the meats are sourced from the nearby Ranch where the animals are raised humanely and free from protein unnecessary antibiotics and chemicals. Even the fresh breads are baked at the nearby Bakery. In many ways, Field Kitchen works as a cooperative with other entities at Flora Farms in San Jose del Cabo to ensure that customers receive the best quality food and dining experience.

Quality Personified

At Field Kitchen, the whole concept is to only serve items that are grown, raised and sourced from the surrounding farm. This dedication to offering customers food at its best is what makes Field Kitchen quite popular. People like the idea of knowing that their meals are made from real, authentic ingredients. This is especially true for families seeking a quality dining experience with their children. As a commitment to quality, Field Kitchen offers a seasonal menu that does include some mainstay menu items that are all handmade from the freshest ingredients available at Flora Farms.

Delicious Additions

Field Kitchen is unique in that it works within the farm infrastructure to create and connect other establishments on the farm that produce other products and services for diners to enjoy. Field Kitchen has its own pizzeria known as “Mama’s Pizzeria” that includes a wood-fired oven where 15 varieties of Neapolitan-style pizza are made. Diners also get to enjoy delicious home-made sorbets and ice creams at Flora’s Ice Cream Cart. For a quality cocktail or brew, head on over to The Farm Bar to experience an assortment of quality wines, beers and both traditional and craft cocktails. Flora’s Field Kitchen in San Jose del Cabo is a reminder that eating can be a wholesome experience straight from the farm to the table.