Cocina de Autor

Cocina de Autor is one of the more popular fine-dining establishments in the Cabo region. The combination of an intricately created menu featuring Mexican and Caribbean flavors paired with a sophisticated, elegant setting is just one of many reasons why Cocina de Autor comes highly recommended for fine dining. This is a restaurant where the menu and the atmosphere complement each other nicely.

Where Cabo Goes for Fine Dining

If you are seeking a place for Cabo San Lucas dining, Cocina de Autor will not disappoint. Chefs Vincent Colauto, Frank Schipper and Sidney Schutte have created a menu that includes their own twists on a number of classic Mexican dishes. The menu is a manifestation of their inquisitive and creative approach to cooking. Diners are taken on an engaging culinary journey as chefs execute a menu that features the various flavors known so well while also enticing diners to try something new. Dining at Cocina de Autor is an all-encompassing experience that requires all of your senses.

An Interesting Menu at Cocina de Autor

The menu at Cocina de Autor is both familiar yet intriguing which compels diners to try taste combinations never considered before. Some examples of the menu offerings include the Chocolate Clam or the Tuna and Beetroot. Bites such as the Tuna Bubble and the Bapao entice the palette in a deliciously interesting manner. Such dessert offerings as the Chocolate Madelaine as well as the Banana with Salted Caramel are simple and flavorful.

A Memorable Dining Experience

Cocina de Autor continues to hold its place as one of the most popular options for Cabo San Lucas dining because of its blend of exceptional food and a comparatively exceptional dining environment. The sophisticated, chic environment is warm and inviting. The hanging lights provide enough illumination to enjoy one’s meal while casting ambient glows throughout the restaurant. From the intimate setting created with the warm, brown paneling to the lighted candles at each table, the entire setting is simple, elegant and very inviting. If you want to enjoy more elegant and chic restaurants like this one, click here to read about the top 5 fancy restaurants in Cabo!

If you are seeking a memorable fine dining experience in Los Cabos, Cocina de Autor offers a warm, inviting atmosphere that welcomes you to sit down, get comfortable and enjoy the meticulously prepared 8-10 course journey into an array of delicious dishes. Due to the popularity of Cocina de Autor, reservations are required for this elegant-casual fine dining experience.

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