Akira Sushi

Many new visitors to Cabo San Lucas may not expect to find quality sushi during their stay, but they will be pleasantly surprised to find Akira Sushi. This local sushi joint features authentic Japanese sushi with a unique Cabo twist. Akira Sushi is located inside El Merkado, the hip and always popular local market featuring some of Cabo’s best eateries. Take a look at what you can find on the menu at Akira Sushi:

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Akira Sushi like other best restaurants in Cabo at El Merkado try to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Cabo is fortunate to have an incredible fishing industry that makes it easier to obtain high-quality seafood nearby. Akira Sushi gets their seafood personally from local fishermen making this as close of “sea to table” as you can get!

Authentic Sushi Rolls

You will be pleasantly surprised to see all of the authentic sushi rolls on the menu at Akira Sushi. Classic rolls such as the California, Tiger, Spicy Tuna, and Philadelphia rolls are all on the menu. We highly recommend grabbing one of the unique rolls found only at Akira Sushi such as the Maya Roll or Silvana Roll for a unique blend of Japanese and Mexican cuisine; expect ingredients from fresh seafood paired with salsa, queso, and cilantro for a truly unique experience. If you are having trouble selecting rolls on your own, simply order the Muy Especial del Chef, a personalized selection from the sushi chefs themselves. You will be trying a variety of rolls including classic and unique rolls found only here. Additional options can also be found on the menu including sushi cake, miso soup, wontons, edamame, and much more. Don’t forget you can also order sashimi on its own without the roll! Check out other amazing brunch restaurants that you can enjoy during your vacation!

Finding Akira Sushi

You can enjoy the delicious and authentic blend of Japanese and Mexican cuisine when visiting Akira Sushi found inside El Merkado. This popular market is located at Plaza Cabo Ley Boulevard Mauricio Castro 1738 Local D10 and is open daily from 12:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Don’t forget to check out the other 11 best restaurants in Cabo found specifically in El Merkado where everyone can order from someplace different.

More Excitement in Cabo

El Merkado is just one of many unique attractions found only in Cabo. Prepare for your journey by reserving one of our luxury villas that have access to unique amenities while avoiding the crowds of local resorts. Contact us now!