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Finding the perfect lodging experience for your next trip to Cabo all starts with a quick search. Our selection of popular Cabo San Lucas Airbnb Rentals makes it easy to find the home of your dreams. Not only will you not find tiny and cramped rooms such as those found in hotels, but you’ll enjoy amenities that no local resort can match. Our rentals in Cabo are known for the luxurious lifestyle they provide for guests who are looking to make the most of a destination trip to the shores of Cabo San Lucas. Take a look at what our Airbnb rentals in Cabo can offer you during your stay!

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One of the most essential factors of a memorable trip is the right style of accommodation. When you choose any of our Airbnb rentals at Sun Cabo, you can enjoy every single aspect of the vacation with convenience, luxury, and comfort. We understand that our guests deserve nothing the best when it comes to the necessary amenities and facilities. Find all of this and much more at any of our rental houses. Stay right across the ocean or choose a spot close to the golf course, the options are endless. Get ready for an unforgettable vacation when you choose us at Sun Cabo for your next trip at one of the most picturesque paradises in the country.

Prestigious Communities

Our Airbnb rentals in Cabo are not found in the parts of town that is typically accompanied by cheap hotels. Instead, these homes are located within exclusive communities that features beautifully designed homes. Each property is an architecture masterpiece that stands tall among the rest of properties right here in Cabo. These incredible communities provide a safe place to visit during your stay and have access to all kinds of amazing amenities. You simply will not find a better place to vacation than these exclusive Airbnb rentals.

Check out a wide range of gorgeous villas available through Sun Cabo. You can choose a beachfront home to wake up to a stunning view of the ocean. If you prefer a secluded spot away from the tourist crowd, you can find appropriate listings in our selection. No matter what property you select, you can expect conveniences at the finest level. You can enjoy excellent amenities like an outdoor pool, jacuzzi, fitness center, and game room. The floor-to-ceiling glass doors blend the indoor and outdoor areas, creating a natural flow between the two. We can offer spacious villas consisting of 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms for accommodating up to 16-20 guests. Every house is furnished with close attention to your comforts and luxuries. You will not miss any of the conveniences from back home, while also enjoying the relaxing vibes of the ocean.

Various Types of Cabo San Lucas Airbnb Rentals

The Airbnb rentals themselves are magnificent homes that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer Airbnb rentals that can accommodate any family, from the couple looking for a romantic getaway to extended family trips that are enjoying the lift of travel restrictions. Expect each property to feature a variety of bedrooms and bathrooms to accommodate everyone in your group; most of these rentals have bedrooms with their own personal bathroom access for additional privacy. Our Cabo Airbnb rentals offer thousands of square feet of space, too. Open floor plans open up the properties is all kinds of ways you would not have imagined. Luxury homes and plenty of space are what you can expect in our Airbnb rentals in Cabo.

Luxury Amenities Around Every Corner

The size and shape of our Airbnb rentals in Cabo are not the only thing that will immediately win you over. When you look at all of the incredible features offered in each home, you will never look for another lodging option again. These homes come equipped with luxury amenities such as luxury flooring, marble countertops, and custom-made cabinetry. Expect to find plush furniture in living areas such as leather sectionals and high-end designer offerings. Huge flat-screen TVs can be found here and in the bedrooms throughout the home.

The kitchens come alive with a variety of luxury features such as state of the art appliances, breakfast bars and bar seating, and all of the essential cooking utensils you need. Sure, Cabo has plenty of fine dining restaurants that you should check out but having a home-cooked meal in a luxury setting such as our Cabo Airbnb rentals is really something else. Wine fridges help keep your bottles chilled right before serving your family.

Make sure to check out onsite amenities such as fitness centers and game rooms. Personal theatres are a great way to catch a movie together. All of these amenities come together for superb interactions among your family and friends that no other lodging option is able to provide.

Get ready for a fully furnished Airbnb rental for an unforgettable vacation experience. There is scope for lots of fun gatherings with your loved ones. The living room has a comfortable seating arrangement so you can hang out while watching a favorite movie on the flat screen television. We may also have a dedicated movie room with a home-theatre so you can bring the theater experience right to your doorstep. As our Airbnb rentals are located in a gated community and equip a home security system, you can look forward to enjoying a peaceful stay with your group. You can find amenities like high-speed internet access, in-unit washer and dryer, central air-conditioner, and iron and ironing board.

After all the fun indoor activities, you can take the party outside to enjoy some delicious BBQ. The outdoor area has BBQ grill and outdoor kitchen for your culinary magic show. Relax and forget all your worries in the swimming pool, heated pool, and jacuzzi. Wake up to the stunning view of the ocean while enjoying your morning coffee. With an espresso machine and coffee maker in the kitchen, you will not have to leave the house for that much-awaited morning fuel. Besides coffee, you can make your delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the fully equipped kitchen. Here, we offer custom cabinets, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances of the finest kind. The gourmet kitchen has blender, microwave, wine fridge, dishwasher, refrigerator, and much more.

Pool Side Views and Beach Access

It would not be a true visit to Cabo without the incredible views of the ocean. Most of our Airbnb rentals in Cabo offer some of the finest views of the ocean. The beaches here are always pristine and inviting to new guests. Our rentals typically overlook the cliffs, providing access to romantic sunset views. A walk to the beach is typically quick, and our Airbnb rentals may even include plenty of beach gear for you to use. The fun also starts with the luxury Infinity pools available at most Airbnb rentals. These gorgeous pools are expertly designed and may even be heated for cooler months of the year. These types of pools require extended patio decks that often feature outdoor kitchens, expansive BBQ grill ranges, and plenty of patio deck furniture where you can catch a tan on. Make sure to see if your Airbnb rental accepts pets for your stay to take advantage of the extended yard and turf space. As you can tell, the outdoors really comes together in our Cabo Airbnb rentals. Try to show us any other competitor who can offer the same space and luxury features as these rentals provide. If you're worried about getting around the area while you're here, check out our guide to Cabo travel.

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Getting ready for your Cabo escape is as simple as booking one of our exclusive Airbnb rentals right here in the city. Enjoy premier communities that are home to the finest properties in the area! Contact us today to book! Also, be sure to learn more about Cabo San Lucas, or check out our ultimate guide to a summer and fall getaway!

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