Your Loyalty Deserves Rewards

Booking Direct has its privileges! All customers are invited to join our exclusive rewards program and take advantage of the many savings available to you. Earn Sun Cabo points today when you make your reservation directly through our website on items such as villa rentals, spa services, chef and butler services, or activities and excursions.

Use your Sun Cabo Points for discounts on items such as Villa Rentals, Chef & Butler services, VIP Transportation, Yacht Rentals, Fishing Trips, and many other activities. Members also have exclusive access to perks such as free early check-ins and late check-outs, transportation upgrades, ultra-exclusive VIP parties, and restaurant discounts and perks at some of your favorite places. Membership is free - Enroll today!


Three Levels of Membership


Gold Member level is from 50 to 1000 points. Get started today – it’s free to join and all new members get a complimentary 50 points to get started as well as 2 Sun Cabo Luggage Tags and your Gold Member Loyalty Card.



Platinum Membership level is from 1001 points thru 5000 points. Platinum Members receive a complimentary Sun Cabo travel bag and Platinum Loyalty Card.



Diamond membership is reserved for those customers earning at least 5001 lifetime loyalty points. Diamond Members receive a complimentary Sun Cabo briefcase for the serious traveller.


Easy to Sign-Up

Join for Free today! Membership is free and only takes a few minutes. Start receiving special offers and promotions available only to members today!

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