Guest Blog

Why Do People Vacation in Cabo San Lucas?

SEPT 19, 2021

If you've never vacationed in Cabo San Lucas before, you're missing the opportunity to know this city and the reasons why it's the favorite vacation spot for many people. Travelers who pack their bags for a Cabo San Lucas vacation know they're in for a grand adventure. If you're coming for a visit, consider renting...

Cabo San Lucas Whale Watching Season 2021

AUG 03, 2021

Whether it's diving, yachting, snorkeling, or partying you're after in Cabo San Lucas, there's one other activity that you must include to your to-do list: whale watching! The odds of spotting whales in Cabo are good, especially if you plan your vacation at the right time of year. Many local companies offer whale watching tours...

What Celebs Live in Cabo?

JUN 15, 2021

Los Cabos or Cabo offers unlimited fun, relaxation, and luxury. This world-class resort destination in Mexico's Baja California peninsula boasts year-round sunshine, amazing beach clubs, great dining places, and exuberant nightlife. It is no surprise that many world-famous celebrities head to Cabo to enjoy their share of its lavish amenities. Celebrities are setting their sights...