Chef Pablo Cadelli

With fourteen years of experience in the culinary arts in both Europe and Mexico, Chef Pablo Cadelli is perfect for anyone looking to bring a friendly yet professional touch to all your gourmet dining needs. Born in Argentina, which is famous for its steaks, Chef Pablo's filet mignon is a dish that every steak connoisseur should experience. He studied culinary arts for three years in Argentina before continuing his studies in Spain. His extensive experience includes preparing meals for catering, private events, and groups staying in villas.

Chef Pablo, who constantly comes up with new ideas for his delicious creations by reading books, watching cooking shows, and following the latest trends online, loves to cook and eat Mediterranean cuisine. In particular, he enjoys cooking any kind of seafood dish because the catches in Cabo are always fresh and of the highest quality. If he is preparing your breakfast, make sure you don’t miss out on his amazing French toast!